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  • Dear Mr. Plott in reply to A MACHINE FOR PIGS, the support-thread! by Ludvig

    Please put yourself before us, if it is too scary then its too scary.. i would love to see you finish but i would prefer you do what you need to if that's the case :)
  • You are correct :) in reply to It occurred to me by SteppeLively

    Thank you for your opinion. I for one play games for a good story too and feel the mechanic really should change the story the whole way through in some fashion, not just the ending cut scene.
  • See now for me its the opposite in reply to I always go Good Guy by fazzino.joe

    Whenever i play i usually play as "evil" first.. Dunno why, just because i guess xD
  • This would be amazing to do for a fan! in reply to Request For Day9, by swiggityswooty

    Day9 this is a great opportunity to show your love <3
  • Games that let you pick sides!

    I love games that let you decide to be good or evil, but i find you are always hindered if you decide to play as evil. I am generally ok with this but i would like to hear others opinions ...
  • Abduction! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    You may only build vipers. No other units with the exception of queens, overloads/overseers, and drones.