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  • Sean Plott - Worlds Greatest Dad

    I am a long time viewer, since the beginning really... I was thinking random thoughts the other day and considered the following. Over the years Day9 has mentioned he loves kids and would love to have lots of them and ...
  • . in reply to Calculated by zeek

    Was just repeating what I read.. golden cards probably because they are the most dust and I'm guessing if people spent real money because they really wanted that favourit car of theirs in gold... mor of an impact on the ...
  • To Clarify in reply to Ambivalence by Frag-ile

    see and it's not even the fact that they wont refund the dust for those unusabe cards... look at it this way... when i pay $20/month to play WoW... i will never get that money back... but i KNOW what ...
  • Hearthstone... Standard Mode

    I will continue to play, but I will no longer spend any money. I have read a lot of reaction to this anouncement, and it seems that the majority of people's objections surrounding this are related to the fact that ...