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  • Well ... in reply to Day[9] Forums > Official SC2 Forums by kareem

    First of i got to agree with Anthony, it's probalby the fanbase of Sean that is makeing the Day[9] forums a more enjoyable place than the Blizzard forums.Moreover i think it also has to do with the numbers of people ...
  • Axeltoss in reply to Loved it! by Omega068

    Yeah, his article was well written and interesting.Personally i dont understand why so many people seem to dislike him, i think he's doing an amazing job, not just by casting but by also thinking about all those things and trying ...
  • GLHF and Day[9]

    Since i haven't seen any post about the new GLHF issue and the article about Sean, iam just going to make one to raise awareness of it. I would like to hear thoughts on it as well.
  • title in reply to In large enough numbers by printf

    Rather killing the carriers quickly and maybe with too many shots hitting than just killing off interceptors and doing no real damage at all, and to avoid them to clump up you probably have to spit them preemtively, its hard ...
  • Well in reply to Carriers Are Overpowered by printf

    I disagree with you about the point carriers being OP in PvZ. As a Zerg myself if i would scout a 2-3 baseing protoss turtleing and going for carriers, you should be able to kill him with roach hydra already ...
  • title in reply to [H] Where can i improve? (Zerg) by Shane11997

    I only watched the first replay btu there are already some points i want to talk about and which should you help to improve, more about mechanics and not about army compositions.The first thing is something really small: on Star ...
  • Quote in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    "You know you're a gamer when you redirect a cup of hot tea towards your body mid-fall to protect your gear." - TLO
  • Scouting in reply to ZvDT by BILB0

    The most important thing you have to do is scout with an overlord early enought or with lings if you manage to get some lings in. I dont know the timings so i cant tell you around which time you ...
  • Squirtle in reply to Day9 poke-crew! by prometheus0099

    just beause of LG-IM Squirtle
  • Wow in reply to Saw a lot of great stuff by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Thanks for that very detailed analysis and all those tips, even tho its a huge wall of text i bet thinking of all those points will help me alot, not only in ZvP but there are also alot points that ...
  • Thanks in reply to Hey Eurynomos! by LordMatsu

    for the tips, i'll try my best to keep them in mind and bring them in to my gameplay, there are some points that i already figured out myself about what wents wrong, but hearing it again surely helps to ...
  • Thanks for the answer in reply to Replays are golden by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I uploaded 2 of my most recent zvp matches. Even tho i won one of them it felt pretty close and fragile. Hope these help and you are able to tell me key things that went wrong and i should ...
  • ZvP Lategame

    Hey, lately i struggle alot in ZvP latgame. Either i face alot of air units and my hydras/corruptos get eaten aliv by storms/zealots/voids or they got alot of blink stalkers/immortals/HT/and some collossi and any comp with ultralisks ist't working out ...
  • Sounds funny in reply to New show looking for Volunteer SC2 Players by TovarishGaming

    Iam a diamond zerg player and would be up to play for your show, if region and time would allow it. With global play region shouldnt be a huge issue if the time is somehow manageable for me. Iam Eurynomos#325 ...
  • THIS in reply to GSL - WCS Korea Season 1 - Code S by Riuna

    will be so awesome, not that just GSL wasnt, but with all those players in Code S atm theres no way not to get pumped for it. (Maybe the lack of Jaedong hurts a bit, Flash vs Jaedong finals would ...
  • Roaches in reply to Just food for thought by Ian3221

    Overall you dont want too many roaches since they arent that great in big numbers and at high supply. But if you go roach/hydra you use them just to tank and have them in front of your army, so you ...
  • Razer or Steelseries maybe in reply to Need a new mouse pad. Any recommendations? by ThunderFace

    I got a Steelseries HD which i could recommend. Also the Razer Goliathus is pretty good if you want a soft pad, in case you dont want to spend the money for it the Qck from Steelseries is pretty equal ...
  • Well in reply to Some friendly advice to zergs by comradeoglivy

    As a zerg player i cant tell you what is going on with your opponents, except that i dont know why people tend to like 1 basing. But lately even in ZvZ i saw alot of people go for fast ...
  • Well in reply to Useful in ZvT by Opera

    A problem i see in ZvT for swarmhost ussage is against bio the mobility of the terran army. If the swarmhosts arent guarded by a big army he just stims scans and runs in and picks up every swarmhost. Mech ...
  • Shifted replies on Firefox

    Since a while some or all replies on the forums are shifted rightwards so that i can't read them at all. On Opera all looks fine tho, no idea why this happend. I'll add a screenshot to make clear what ...