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  • Is this real life ? in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - SOMA by Day9

    I hope you'll find pleasure playing this game. Dont let this become a trauma-tron :DGL HF Day
  • Awesome Idea in reply to Flash tribute? by Braiman

    It might be a little hard for him but would certainly be awesome to watch. Dem FlaSh games *o*
  • 6 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 3 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Death Count @ 7pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    reverse 9 kek...
  • 21 in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 4 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Day[9] Master Thief @ 7pm by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Because reasons
  • Yeah :)) in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Legacy of the Void Campaign by Day9

    Hope you're not too rusty now Kappa,Well will sure enjoy the show !
  • So did I ! in reply to its not so bad after all by joejoefine

    Actually at first I chickened out while playing it, but after seeing DayJ rocking through it I was inspired by his manhood and I finished the game lel :p
  • Be thankful in reply to Excellent by Blartz

    He's doing it for you boys, and I huehuehuehuehue *evilface*.It must be a great effort from you do try it, let's hope he'll end up liking it instead of being stressed to death. And remember :
  • SICK SICK in reply to Overwatch - Beta Day 1 by Day9

    SICK SICK SICK Hope you'll have a blast :D
  • Maybe in reply to Yep by Umpteen

    He's been talking about it on the last episode on Mage-pr-Dopmo deck. He might consider playing it or at least he has some interest in the game, HOWEVER don't be harsh on him if he doesn't. Let's not make this ...
  • I hope in reply to Did it? by maksymilian.szyc

    You'll find your way back into the game :), I totally understand your view since I also started playing a lot less with HotS but it can't be classified as a failed xpac IMO. Other things related to the gaming ...
  • I understand in reply to Not hyped by maksymilian.szyc

    Your disapointment with Blizz's decisions lately... but I still think their cinematics are absolutely brilliant lore-wise or no, I wish we could see that kind of quality elsewhere.
  • LOTV New Trailer *hype*

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOH_9xQhaME Blizzard may not have done only good choices recently, but boy... they still are the GOD of CGI. I'm all hyped up :)
  • STASIS in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    http://stasisgame.com/web/page.php?p=about "STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective.""The world of STASIS harkens back to Sci-Fi classics like Alien, Event Horizon and Sunshine.It is set in a time of blurred morality, where corporate pursuit ...
  • i know your feel :( in reply to Dang it with the music! by Kknewkles

    being an EU-based knight, I know the feels :<
  • here put this in reply to A Treatise on the Economy of SCII by colin.larsson

    KnowledgeJam on your face :pLiterally an analysis treasure, credits to the wonderful author(s).Hope to see the idea getting considered by Blizz.
  • Howdy oh in reply to How did you discover Day[9]? by Terakahn

    Sadly I just cannot remember when I first started watching the show. It's been a few years now...But as far as I can tell it was one of the greatest Day[] and achievement in my life !Have a nice weekend ...
  • oh felicity... in reply to This is syntactically correct! by Alienchops

    I see what you did there ;)
  • Wow in reply to Fork() by tim

    Thats inspirationnal :p+1 loved it, would read it again.
  • the fun is ... REAL ! in reply to Spooky Knights! SO SPOOKY! by Korabard

    Hi pals, I wish I could play with you guys but tell me where you're from :P... jet lag'n'shi** you know :(
  • Oh hi oh ! in reply to Extra-Life Alien Isolation Marathon by Sacredsun

    Saltychicken here !, you have to watch this stream pals its ton of fun !gogo sacred