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  • This... IS... in reply to MMMM Somewhere else... by OceanFlex

  • Super Mario Bros 2 in reply to Starting my stream on May 6th by FGsquared

    Trying to beat Super Mario Bros 2 at the moment. Failed attempt number 1... Come and watch me try again! :D
  • Starting my stream on May 6th in reply to Community Streams by Riuna

    Since I have also been thinking about streaming I have just decided to go ahead with it. I'l Focus mostly on Starcraft related things, retro games and any game that catches my eyes!
  • ^^ in reply to Awesome Game! by AquaMarine

    Oh yeah I did that one time. Sadly the next game just sucked and the one after that... and then I went bancrupt. XD
  • Good idea! in reply to Friday Monobattles - Success! :D<br> by Dizzy

    This is a fun idea. Sadly enough I won't be home this Friday. :( I'll be there next time. ^^
  • :D in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - BioShock: Infinite Day 3 & Thomas Was Alone by Day9

    OOoh Thomas Was Alone!! Nice. Definitely looking forward to that! The narrotor is just brilliant!
  • XX in reply to It's super fun by LordMatsu

    Me neither. I have only made it to a proper office once. I usually go bancrupt before. XD
  • :D in reply to Game Dev Tycoon by LordMatsu

    I looooooove this game!!
  • I have 1 in reply to Tattoos by Karma

    I have on tattoo on my left calf. It's not huge but not tiny either. It's about 12 cm in length and is a simple tribal. I found the design online and tweaked it myself. They only color is black. ...
  • Hhhm in reply to Stonehearth - Sandbox Civilization Simulation by LordMatsu

    Hhhmh this does look quite interesting. It's like mixing Minecraft and Settlers. It does look a bit too much like Minecraft for my taste though. I'll be definitely watching out for more though.
  • "Thirded" in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off Suggestion! by Zumwar

    Oh fuuu, I didn't see this post and made one myself... Anyway, I "third" this request. Incidentally I also watched TB's stream and it was funny as hell!
  • Game Dev Tycoon in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Game Dev Tycoon is an indie game in which you have to design, create and market games! You start out with a small business in your garage but you have the potential to create the greatest games in the history ...
  • Papers, please

    Papers, please is a "Dystopian Document Thriller" game currently still in development though there is a free to play, 8 level long beta out there.
  • Cool in reply to Root for Gowerly! by narwhal

    OMFG, that is soo cool! Didn't make the connection either.
  • :D in reply to Thank you : ) by Sk3tch0z

    nah, thank you for taking the initiative! :D Starcraft is a great game and university leagues need to be promoted/established!!
  • Same thing here!! in reply to University Star League WA (help me) by Sk3tch0z

    I have been thinking about doing the exact same thing in my area though I'm from Germany. XD Notice boards are a good idea. Does your uni have a TV or radio station? A newspaper? Try to get them to ...
  • Check out in reply to [H] FPS to RTS by A.Fallible.Poet

    dApollo's "Tutorials" and FilterSC's "Bronze to Masters" videos on Youtube. They helped me tremendously. I had never played an RTS before and because of them I went from Bronze to Gold in 7 weeks. Apollo hasn't put out any Heart ...
  • I feel ya in reply to I suck at HOTS by patrick.farrell.in.virginia

    I was high Gold in WOL. Did my placement matches in HOTS yesterday and now I'm Bronze league. I won 1 out of my 5 placement matches. A lot of the other players were a lot better than I was.
  • ^^ in reply to Taking bets as to whether SimCity will be playable by Friday by ntucker

    Well JP got in and streamed it for hours. ^^
  • Doooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! in reply to One more time by ZeForgotten

    This name is perfect!!