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  • Day9 music

    So there have been links in the past to day9 music. Does anyone have some sort of list of the music day9 listens to now in 2014? I already know about the day9 song of the day on twitter.
  • DKTL ForceField in reply to Faroukruzl by ForceField

    i have added you on starcraft I'll be on all this week especially thursday-sunday so get on some time during that to do our games
  • ForceField in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    I need ForceField's email, he is the next guy I'm playing against, does anyone have the information? If so please email me at faroukkannout@gmail.com thank you!!!!
  • Hearthstone Lord Jaraxxus in reply to The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread by MexicanAce

    I really want to see you do a Lord Jaraxxus Warlock, I would like to see like a very in depth version with you talking to Koyuki and Strife cro about the deck and what not.
  • hearthswag in reply to Hearthstone Betakey Givaway (COMPLETED) by iAMspecial

    whooo hearthstone is AMAZING.