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  • Followup in reply to Did a bit of testing by Fayah

    The 2 recent dailys with the control shaman had no issue at all concerning this glitch. Whatever was done seems to have fixed it. Thanks for that ;)
  • Did a bit of testing in reply to Videos glitching on youtube by AnjanasKat

    So I can confirm that I have the same glitching as the Example above and I did a bit of testing. I opened the link up in 3 browsers on 2 systems. First is my i7 Win7 PC and the ...
  • Planetside 2 vs TotalBiscuit in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I just finished the vods from Sean's Planetside 2 shenanigans and recalling JP mentioning Total Biscuits outfit. I wouldn't mind seeing Sean's DayKnights take on TB's Brits in an epic battle :) Sucks that TB is probably too busy for ...