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  • hearthstone daily idea

    So i just received my hearthstone beta key. But i have no idea what deck is good and how to play good. And i don't have all the cards to build strong decks. So i was thinking maybe sean could ...
  • i play terran because in reply to Why do you play Terran? by PickledParsleyParty

    I started the WoL campaign and you start of as terran and you learn to play it. And when i had to choose my multiplayer race i liked terran the most because for me it was the easiest to learn. ...
  • haven't received anything in reply to Subscriber Reward - Promo Code from J!nx! - COMING JULY 15! by SteppeLively

    have the code's already been send out? because i haven't received anything.
  • great idea! in reply to SUBTITLES!!! by Jailak

    i think this is a great idea! I would like to volunteer for this because i have summer break coming up and i have nothing to do so this would be a great thing to spend my time on :) ...
  • i'm going to... in reply to How's your winter break? by Day9

    I am going to try to read trough book 4 of the game of thrones series (because i stopped reading after the plot twist, people who read the book will know what it is ;) ).
  • HOTS Beta Key in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    It would be awsome if u you could give me one if u still have some left :)
  • road to becoming awsome at sc2 in reply to Music, Starcraft, my story, and yours. by Tofuporkchops

    hi people, i am new to this forum so hi everyone. But i have been watching day9 since sc2 came out. I started playing sc2 since 6 months after sc2 came out and i was always in bronze-silver....:(