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  • Wing 3 in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #30 - Naxxramas Wing 2 by Day9

    Played wing 2, My standard ladder control mage never broke a sweat.
  • Application in reply to Probably not the right answer by Stheno

    Not as a primary attack method but a modus for counter attacks. Was my thinking.
  • Nydus Attack Monday in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    The Nydus doesn't see enough play in games anymore, So playing as zerg in 1v1 or 2v2 games you may only attack Via Nydus.
  • Gold Leage in reply to Looking for someone to help me not suck with zerg by Octopod

    I main zerg, I'm no Diamond or Grandmaster but i can help you on your way maybe. My opening builds are fairly versatile and aggressive(for zerg) but a bit non standard. Fivepath#1806 I could use the practice as well.
  • This, ^ in reply to Scan by TheFuGoZard

    Not dieing to DTs is simple knowing they are going dark shrine. 6min scar good. Actively scout with your first medivac is you going bio also good (it can snoops around turbo boost home if needed. Also the old zerg ...
  • Tickle Tickle in reply to Day[9] Daily #706 - Funday Monday - Mass Warp Prism! by Day9

    Laughed so hard at part two i almost cried.
  • Nydus Vs Mech

    It has been established the weakness of a mech player is mobility. Has anyone tried significant Nydus play to exploit this? With the zerg army ebing able to hit multiple bases on opposite sides in full force with a clean ...
  • Practice and help in reply to I'm going out of my mind. by duane.e.miller.16

    Fivepath#1806 add me on Americas, I will be glad to game with you and offer you pointers.
  • Snute player badly in reply to Day[9] Daily #705 - Snute vs Bling - More Anti-SwarmHost play! by Day9

    His macro failed after he got swarm hosts. He didn't make spines when he established toss was favoring warping harass. He didn't transition to a more Mobile force, not use the SH aggressively. This looks like a bronze leager who ...
  • Over Saturation in reply to PvT bored by duane.e.miller.16

    Ok one extreme to the other. TOO MANY PROBES.Your early scout was a little off(you didnt have to loose the probe, just make sure as its reachign the enemy base you have a quick look, order it out of dodge.) ...
  • Harass Defense in reply to Reaper/Drop Anxiety by duane.e.miller.16

    Early mother ship core vs terran can chase off reapers, Drops are a later concern. If they have medivac heavy play by all means smatter a few cannons about after the 8 minute mark.
  • Zerg in reply to A few Things by facelid

    Ok i main zerg. If you block a zerg expo he will either, expo to his thrid(keep an eye out for that) or chase you off and continue. If he doesn't do either he is goign for a 1 base ...
  • Also, in reply to Pull for cannons by duane.e.miller.16

    Cannon rushing is done at the expence of tech and econ, if you opponent cannon rushes and it fails, he is behind not you. I have seen it become popluar now to go pylon gate start building a lot, checkign ...
  • Extractor Trick in reply to Day[9] Daily #703 - Life vs Innovation by Day9

    I have been noticing a few pros, Including life using the extractor trick at 10. In Broodwar this was proven to inefficient, has this changed in Hots?
  • Yes in reply to MSC by duane.e.miller.16

    Getting your MS core early is important for toss to deflect pressure. It needs to be out fast enough to be able to Overcharge your nexus when it matters early.
  • Tiny Tweeks in reply to Beating cheese by facelid

    IM again going of what i have done, as it the only reference i got, Just recently while i was still stuck in silver i was opening 15 pool 15 hatch for an econ heavy start. But as i got ...
  • Its hard in reply to PvZ Dt into archon all-in hits very early by sandman

    I faced this the other day (as the zerg). Ammusingly i miss scouted and thought he was going Air, so had spore crawlers up early. If i hadn't my lair wasn't near done. If not for the miss read lucking ...
  • The basics over and over. in reply to Match History and Profile by duane.e.miller.16

    I'm only gold, and only recently gold at that, Until 2 season ago i was hard bronze, last 2 i have been hard silver, this season i hit gold.
  • Roach FIrst - 8 min push in reply to Burrow roaches by FIghtingFrog

    There is a roach build that is odd from wings, 15-hatch (on top of your own ramp for partial wall) pool, warren, double queen, creeps crawler, 14 roaches @ 7-7;30 mins, arriving at their natural at 8 if they mass ...
  • Dam you in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #7 - Reynad's Warrior Beatdown by Day9

    After last week 1/3 games i played was against a direct rip of that hunter deck, and now 4/ my last 6 games has been against a copy of this warrior. You are not making better gamers here day[9] you ...