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  • Wish I could Help in reply to The LFG post ;) by JeCa

    But I live in NA and only play late during my night (very early morning EU) :(
  • Moar Content!! in reply to Path of Exile by Fluffyflow

    Just dropping by to throw out a reminder that the new (FREE) expansion just dropped this week (Sacrifice of the Vaal). Tons of new content to come back to or to try for the first time! This includes 2 new ...
  • Path of Exile in reply to I think... by EyeOfTheHawks

    PoE would seriously be a very interesting day off to watch, love the game myself would love to see what Sean could do with it.
  • Fine with Me in reply to Alright by Omega068

    If i see orky online ill give him a shout, if ofc he doesnt reply here first
  • Play Times in reply to Matches can happen live by Omega068

    I can play friday and saturday evenings.Fluffyflow
  • GHlight in reply to Very good by Omega068

    Just found out game heart is released for all regions now (the ui dreamhack uses to cast off of), might be useful if you like that kind of thing for casting. Just thought id drop it here :P
  • Deleted... in reply to Urgh by Omega068

    But thank god for, re DL'ed both of the real game replays if you want em or i can post the links! game 1 : 3:
  • I'll check tomorrow in reply to Just Got An Idea by Omega068

    But i think i just cleared my replay cache :(
  • Hmm.. in reply to PoE vs Torchlight by bronzeager

    PoE is definitely a lot more complex, planning is a big part of making a character as well as a big part of the fun. The loot/crafting system makes everything a lot more exciting because regardless of what drops you ...
  • Great in reply to SORRY by Orkygreens

    Sounds like we have a game :DDD
  • New Race Season Starting Soon!! in reply to Path of Exile by Fluffyflow

    Hey guys, just dropping in to tell everyone that a new race season will be starting in about a week, so if you're interested in trying out the super fun/fairly competitive racing system here is all the info!Guide: page: ...
  • Superb in reply to Ok how about 6 pm EST ? by Omega068

    Sounds 100% doable for me, hope orky is around :P
  • Thanks in reply to Absolutely! by Omega068

    Thanks for the lead, actively pursuing target :P
  • Hey! in reply to I'd be interested in playing! by Orkygreens

    Im the other Gold player that will most likely be matched up against you (ZvZ blargh :P ) if you wanna add me on SC2 my id is Fluffyflow#1326. It seems we have a choice of trying to play streamed ...
  • Players in reply to DayKnight Show Matches by Omega068

    If you still need players to cast im a gold Zerg with a massively open schedule >.<. Great idea by the way, always nice to get people together in this community.Fluffyflow
  • Mmmm.. them feels in reply to Truly Addictive by ConsPark

    When you get a shavronnes... and it gets ninja'ed >.<
  • >.< in reply to Sleep is OP by GomJabbar

    the more important the next day is, the more invincible you feel at midnight >.<ftl :P
  • I know the feels in reply to Why only 24 hours in a day by GomJabbar

    I always seem to get myself in trouble with that problem, 4am isnt a very good time to go to sleep when you're waking up at 7am >.<
  • :O nemesis so stronk in reply to Someone playing Nemesis here? by Ambyst

    nice! I've just been getting back into PoE so I made my domination guy first but I'm planning out my bowrauder for nemesis today. Maybe ill catch up to you someday >.< IGN: Fluffyflow
  • IGN in reply to Will do! by GomJabbar

    thats my in game name for the guy im using the most right now, but with their friend system once you friend a toon you can see all of their other guys come online as well