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  • YAY! in reply to A gem by GomJabbar

    Feel free to friend me, Fluffyflow, and send me any questions you have! I hope you enjoy your stay in wraeclast exile! :P(just a reminder im not a dev just a fanatic <3 )
  • Mhmm in reply to path of exile :D by c0r3

    definitely inspired by D2 (as well as some of the even older ARPG's), so glad you gave it a try and are enjoying it!
  • :D in reply to Awesome! DayKnights Guild!!!! by SteppeLively

    :D woot woot
  • :(( in reply to WOOOOOOOO! by Fluffyflow

    Oh no! Well I started a DayKnights guild and I'll probably keep leveling my new toon Fluffyflow.
  • WOOOOOOOO! in reply to Path of Exile by Fluffyflow

    Today (in 2 hours as of this post) Path of Exile goes live with 1.0.0. the official exit from open beta to finished product!! Super excite :D, I'll be playing for quite a bit today probably under the name Fluffyflow ...
  • New "Build of the Week" in reply to Path of Exile by Fluffyflow

    The newest one in a long time (a year i think) of the build of the week series by Grinding Gear Games just came out... super excite :D
  • I AM BUT A HUMBLE HARBRINGER OF PoE in reply to This is an amazing game! by bluedrop

    Hey, sorry for the misunderstanding >.< im actually just a fanatic PoE fan not one of the devs. The good news is that the devs tend to respond to almost every well written/serious post on the forums whether its about ...
  • :D in reply to Amazing by SteppeLively

    So glad you are enjoying the game, always nice to see someone try something you love :D. I hope to see you around in the coming league/race season! (Taking a break til the day of launch :P)Also I'm subbed to ...
  • Path of Exile

    Path of Exile ( Platform: PC Developer: Grinding Gear Games Status: Open Beta (official launch Oct 23rd 2013) Genre: ARPG, Free to Play (100% free to play, no pay to win, "ethical" microtransactions only)
  • :D in reply to Cool by MythrilMalevolence

    No problem :D, happy watching!
  • Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs in reply to Oh yes by blayzer13

    I believe sean has already stated that Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs will be his halloween special playthrough. So just a couple more weeks >.<
  • Re: Thomas Was Alone in reply to Top suggestion: Thomas Was Alone by Raiger

    Day[9]'s playthrough of Thomas Was Alone is available on youtube!
  • re: FTL in reply to game suggestions by MythrilMalevolence

    His entire Day Off - FTL playthrough is up on youtube if you want to watch it!
  • I love the smell of games in the morning... in reply to Day[9] Day Off Suggestions for October 4th by Bergtau

    - Dear Esther (PC) - Fez (multi-platform) - Path of Exile (PC) - A Theros unboxing/deck construction :D (REAL LIFES) - Universe Sandbox (PC) - Hotline Miami (multi-platform)
  • Ancestral Spirit in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #3 - Ancestral Spirit by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Death is The Road to Awe.
  • Dear Esther, Path of Exile :D in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Path of Exile is free super technical RPG/hack and slash. ( , , )Dear Esther is a fairly short interactive story/game and fairly cheap on steam. ( )