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  • Location: Bozeman, Montana
  • Twitch Stream: Freekz80
  • Youtube: HivemindStarLeague
  • About: My name is Blake. I love StarCraft II, playing my guitar, snowboarding, and life! I am studying Finance at Montana State University and am President of a club on campus called the Hivemind Tech Group, we host 4 LAN parties a year (Awesome, right!?) that have gained over 100 regular attendees, and I organize tournaments for these attendees. My good friend Woodhaus and I cast games from these tournaments. I have a lot of passion for what we do and love when a big (relative to us, hehe) event comes together and becomes a ton of fun for everyone. I'm just a happy guy trying to make the best outta life, and Day[9] has played an incredible role in that.
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Twitter: Freekz80

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  • Heroes of Might and Magic! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - HearthStone laddering by Day9

    It would be really sick to watch you play some old school games, possibly Heroes of Might and Magic 3 ;)
  • Ahhhhh yeah! in reply to Big Felicity Cup Thread! Massive Update as of 2/11/14!!! by GMFaustus

    Freekz in the house and ready for this! Partner is Woodhaus. 3Rax or Die Tryin' - Freekz.441 NA, Woodhaus NA (will get friend code later)
  • Thanks! in reply to Updated! by GMFaustus

    Thanks man! Yep, it is still myself and Woodhaus casting, with Zero observing. We just decided to consolidate some of our collaborative projects in a single stream instead of having them split between us. We hope to see you Day[Knight]s ...
  • Update!! 12/20/13 in reply to DKTL Replays Thread by GMFaustus

    Hey guys! First, HUGE thanks to everybody that showed up for the Round 1 and 2 casts on Monday/Thursday. Woodhaus and I will be taking a break from casting over Christmas (going home to see family and such) but we ...
  • Yeah! in reply to AAAAAaah by DaveSprite

    Yeah man no problem, thanks for the interest! I see you are also playing in the Showmatches, I will be around for those ;)
  • Do you mean Season Two? in reply to Round 2 replays by DaveSprite

    Hey man! Round 1 games were taken care of on Monday. Round 2 games were casted today. Both rounds are from Season 1, though. Are you asking about when Season 2 will begin? We will likely be wrapping up Season ...
  • Great! in reply to Yeah! by Imalayan

    Sounds awesome! It'll be nice to have you live!
  • Round 2 Stream Time! in reply to DKTL Replays Thread by GMFaustus

    Hey everybody! Round 2 will be streamed at, 4PM EST on Thursday the 19th! Tune in for some more Day[Knight] Tournament League action!Round 2 games to be casted:Feyn vs GrapheneTyhtorr vs ImalayanViper vs PixelKnightThanks again for the support everybody, ...
  • That means a lot in reply to Good stuff! by Cadwah

    Thank you Cadwah. I also hope to see this become regular. It's a work in progress. Thank you for stopping by last night, and thank you for the support!
  • Possibly wrong games you are thinking of in reply to (edit to stupid mistake) Was looking at season 1 so sorry by QSVFade

    We casted Feyn vs Imalayan from Round 1. Your games with Imalayan probably are in another round! We haven't casted your games yet.
  • Thanks :D in reply to <3 by Imalayan

    Thank you for the support, that means a lot. The VODs WILL be up at so don't fret ;)
  • DKTL Round 1 Games Live Today! in reply to DKTL Replays Thread by GMFaustus

    Hey guys! We are going live tonight at 7pm EST with Round 1 games on!Imlayan vs FeynPixelKnight vs TythorrViper vs Pumblebee
  • Edit in reply to DKTL Replays Thread by GMFaustus

    Attempted to edit my previous post, but it didn't work... huh. Anyway. Woodhaus (my co caster) had something personal come up that needs to be taken care of. We are also finishing up finals this week and I have work ...
  • Reschedule in reply to DKTL Replays Thread by GMFaustus

    It looks like I misunderstood Woodhaus on his availability, and we will actually be casting a couple series from Round 1 on Thursday the 12th at 6pm MDT (8pm EST, 5pm PST), Friday is TBD!
  • Thanks man! in reply to DKTL Replays Thread by GMFaustus

    I'll post here with times and such when we get it all figured out! Thanks a bunch for the plug, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.
  • Cool! in reply to Generally Live by Omega068

    I can talk to ZeroLambda as well. I noticed the matches were set up on the weekend of the 30th but was not sure about specific times. I will be available at any time after 3:00 PST on Friday and ...
  • Replays or Live? in reply to Don't Worry About it by Omega068

    Also, do you cast the replays or do you cast them live? I'd be fine with either, I just need to get in touch with the players to find out the times they will be playing this weekend. I'm not ...
  • Schedule in reply to Don't Worry About it by Omega068

    Hey I will certainly give it a shot. This Friday and Saturday I work from 6am - 2:30 (PST) so I should be able to get to them in the evening. Where do you want the files? Would you like ...
  • I'm sorry in reply to Alright by Omega068

    Hey man, my parents came into town the other night and wanted to do dinner, so I couldn't make it to the showmatch :( I just wanted to apologize. I'll make the next one if I don't have work!
  • Sweet! in reply to Nice by Omega068

    I'd be very happy to co-cast with you, or anyone! We could run through some replays to get a feel for things, or just hop right in. Up to you.As I mentioned, I also set up tournaments for the gaming ...