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  • why in reply to Moved to strategy board by ntucker

    why did u reply at all then?
  • Well... in reply to the Pool first vs hatch first optimization by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    LiuidTLO is one of the greatest zerg playes in Starcraft history. He believes that the benefits of Hatch first otwigh the risks. True, one might get cannon rushed, but with good scouting, hatch first shud be first option.
  • Only Air!!! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Lets do one where the player can only make ai, no other units. This applies to all races.
  • Yes it is in reply to Is this build order HoTs based? by habitualforce

    With the cheaper cost of DT's, this build is now very comfortable with hots. I myself am a toss player and now almost always use this build when playing vs toss. When playing vs Terran i always go gateway expand.
  • PVP Build, 80% winrate in mid diamond in reply to PvP HotS by Para199x

    CanyarionEdited by Canyarion on 23/04/12 22:54 (BST)Byaka’s PvP Welcome to the Byaka Build guide 2.0. We (Byaka and me) originally posted this build in September 2011. It is now April 2012 and more and more people have been successful with ...
  • A change in Strategy in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    There is an awesome single player game called Generals. I am sure that you have heard of it. It is from the Brand Command and Conquer. You command the armies of either China, USA or the Rebels. You play against ...