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  • Day Off/Fright Week suggestion: The Witch's House

    A while back I was cajoled into playing a free indie game called The Witch's House, a beautiful and well-designed 2D puzzle horror game similar to other titles like Ib and Ao Oni. I personally would LOVE to see Day[9] ...
  • Thanks in reply to Moved by SteppeLively

    Sorry to post in the wrong place, my bad :(
  • Nice idea! in reply to Day[9] Please teach me how to scout by Enraged182

    This is a great idea for a Daily! A bit of friendly advice, though: you may want to rename this topic to better reflect that it's a Daily suggestion, since right now it sounds more like you're asking for game ...
  • Funday Monday idea: flip the board around! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    That is, have two players begin a game but stop playing (quit) at some predetermined point. Then get up the replay, click to the end, and resume the game in each other's shoes. Whether people play well for the practice/early ...