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  • It shouldn't be an issue! in reply to Woohoo! by Gerbles

    The time frame I'm looking at for a "tournament" is pretty lax and very easy to work with. It shouldn't be an issue to get your matches in on your time.
  • I'm starting it simple. in reply to Sounds great by matgopack

    It's going to be a tournament or two for a season. I will be keeping track of points for players earned through placing higher and at the end of all of it I'll try to have a special prize for ...
  • Kinda? XD in reply to Awesome!! Prize Pool? by SteppeLively

    Notsomuch a prize pool. I'll be throwing in something out of my own pocket for the main bit. If Day9 wants to put something towards it himself then that would be awesome, but that's up to him.
  • DayKnight Tournament League

    Hi everybody. I've had this idea in my head for a while now and I've decided to do something with it. So without much further to say I present to you: