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  • DayKnight Festival (Rescheduled) August 15th-17th!

    Hello again!I've rescheduled the DayKnight Festival to a more reasonable date, but I need some volunteers to help me out. I will be updating this post as I get more info about the event itself, but for now if you're ...
  • UPDATE! RESCHEDULING! in reply to DayKnight Appreciation Festival (July 11-13) by GMFaustus

    There's just too much going on this weekend for me to pull this off successfully. Gonna move this event out a few weeks and make it a little bigger and better for you guys. There will be a new thread ...
  • Howdy in reply to Hello? by DeltaIII

    I'll give it until this next wednesday. If nothing happens I'll handle things.
  • Basics for starters? in reply to well, here i am :D by KarelTheTossMaster

    I played a lot of Zerg before. I don't have any idea how to hotkey my stuff, and when I try I feel awkward trying to hit all the keys.Used to goArmy - 1Casters/Mutas - 2Extra Stuff - 3Queens - ...
  • I just want... in reply to The Shiny! by SteppeLively

    # make a laser *#$%ing light show.
  • Updated! Prizes have been listed! in reply to DayKnight Appreciation Festival (July 11-13) by GMFaustus

    Prizes listing! Wooo!
  • I'll get it for you. in reply to I'll look into it! by philip.guin

    Love this mod, and I like to play team games with people using it so I'll be sure to encourage feedback.
  • Yeah that sounds like a good idea. in reply to Playing around changes? by philip.guin

    The problem I see is that while it's cool to play around the changes, I'm noticing that in certain cases you can just straight up ignore them. That and things like changing Overlords/Observers doesn't really change much of anything. But ...
  • No problem at all! in reply to Hmm... by philip.guin

    I'm gonna play it more later with those rules in place. I just find it silly that you can practically ignore the mod when it modifies a bunch of things by just using an unmodified tech path.IE It made my ...
  • With radders! in reply to FLUB - Fabricator of Ludicrously Unplayable Balance by philip.guin

    I just got done playing this with a bunch of people, who I will encourage to weigh in on it for you. It'd be more fun if you could somehow lock someone's tech to whatever the mod affects only, but ...
  • Looking for a protoss coach.

    I'm wanting to switch races and I need some help since I have no idea what I'm doing. Still play/used to play Zerg and it's gotten a little old. Hate Terran, enjoy laser light shows, you get the idea.
  • DayKnight Appreciation Festival (July 11-13)

    I'm throwing a fun times party thing on SC2 for all the people in the community!MASSIVE UPDATE! Anyway guys, I'm STILL getting more stuff to give away as I type this up. I now have a schedule (all times listed ...
  • Just dropping in with a bit o news. in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    Since this tournament is finally wrapping up (prizes go out as soon as I get the last set of replays in) I just wanted to say thanks to all the people here who have been with me the last year ...
  • NOTICE: IF YOU'RE IN GRAND FINALS in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    Please email me at before you play your games. We would like to get a live finals event together with all the brackets. If possible I'd like to organize some kind of skype call with everyone to work out ...
  • So this bracket... in reply to Anyone left in Diamond Losers? by 416365416c

    Is giving about as much of an issue as one of the others. The two of them haven't been on their stuff for close to a month now and I can't get a response from them. I'm probably going to ...
  • Everything that gets sent to me gets cast. in reply to i've been keeping an eye on the thread by brickrd

    I've just run out of replays to send my casters. I haven't had new material for them (substantial amounts of it anyway) in two weeks. I'll make a thread with the links to the casts in the near future.
  • I haven't had to do one of these in a while. in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    And I really don't like to. The tournament is now two weeks behind because I've been giving people the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things. Finals or things like that. However it has now been quite a ...
  • Stuff and things. in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    If you get promoted youre still fine to play in the same tournament. Kudos to all the promotions.
  • Dark Souls 2 (Also I'm Streaming It)

    Just checking in to see how many other DayKnights play this game/series. Sound off with your track record and some stories! Personally I've played every game since launch stateside, and I have way too many stories by this point so ...
  • Two things in reply to Waiting for the Winner of Morrissey vs Sherlock... by Baldur

    1. It's great to see you back in the DKTL.2. I'm waiting for any response from either of them to indicate that they are active in the tournament. Chances are you are getting a bye this time around.