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  • Thanks a lot! in reply to Just a simple statement by GTierSneezer

    CovertMuffin, thanks A TON for your help, really nice to know that roach hydra can be used in this way. So yeah after reading your post I'm deciding that a 2 base roach bust isn't really the best option, and ...
  • Just a simple statement in reply to Asking the right question by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Yeah, sorry I was kinda vague. I'm dia and I try to get in at least 3-4 games a day for SC2 (at least until summer). I know what to do against muta with a roach based play style, but ...
  • ZVZ 2 base 1/1 roach timing attack

    Hi, I'm looking for a ZvZ 2 base roach timing attack with 1/1 upgrades that hits right before or when the spire completes. I've searched a lot on the internet for a build like this but all I've come across ...
  • Transformers: Terrans in Disguise in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    You must play as terran, and you may only make hellions, medivacs, seige tanks, and vikings. Four marines are allowed for early defense XP
  • Ling/Bling Attacks in reply to If your opponent by LordMatsu

    My opponents usually have mutas up by the 9-10 minute mark, and we usually clash with ling bling over each other's thirds. What usually happens though is we hold off each other's aggression due to how large the defender's advantage ...
  • ZVZ Opening BO Help!!!

    Hi, so far in HotS I've had consistent ZVT and ZVP winrates, and I've been able to use the new units very effectively against both races (diamond btw). However, I"m getting absolutely crushed in ZVZ. When I check my replays, ...