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  • Something to look at in reply to Nintendo wants ad revenue from Let's Play videos by zeek

    I'm bumping this. Sue me. But this is a video I really think more people should see. It's technically about EA, but Nintnedo has now gone down the same path, and I've been trying to use my YT channel as ...
  • Dead End in reply to Replay Pay It Forward (An SC2 Advice Thread) by GeeHaus

    Well, it seems like the thread has dead-ended, as happens when the last person to review does not post a replay of their own. In such a case, it's open to anyone at all to post a replay! You can ...
  • An oldie in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Is it sinful that I would love to see him just sit down and run through the campaign of StarCraft followed by that of BroodWar, as well as he can?
  • One Replay to be viewed in reply to Replay Pay It Forward (An SC2 Advice Thread) by GeeHaus

    Come on, ladies and gents, don't let noMADe sit on a cliffhanger here. He's got a replay to be seen! "Im having trouble holding this blink all in" Give him a hand, and post your own!
  • Replay Pay It Forward (An SC2 Advice Thread)

    For those of you who may not know, let me take a moment to describe the "Pay it Forward" philosophy. If you are on the receiving end of a good dead, you do not pay back the original benefactor. Rather, ...
  • Are all dailies from this point on in Subscriber Only Mode? in reply to Day[9] Daily #573 - LiquidTaeja TvZ - Playing Stable under pressure by Day9

    I've noticed a recent massive surge of Day's use of this feature. Sure, I can totally understand this on Funday Monday; the chat looks like a nuthouse. But on regular dailies too?
  • Starcraft and Chess in reply to All the things by Riuna

    Starcraft and Chess This sends shivers down my spine, each time I watch it. I find it's a great motivational tool, so I sometimes watch it before laddering. Surprisingly, it's only got a mere 40k views; much fewer than videos ...
  • Not at all in reply to Are you kidding? by jt.hollister

    I don't understand how the Widow Mine can end games in an instant, but the Baneling cannot. A Widow Mine is meant to break up Zergling packs; Banelings are meant to punish Marine packs. Yes, Banelings will never take down ...
  • Very true in reply to Not the same lol by NitemaRe

    I completely agree that they are different units, and have different niches in each army, and I'm glad that you made this post, as I realized soon after making my point that it could be interpreted like that.
  • They're not too good in reply to Window Mines are so awesome :D by LordMatsu

    I always find it funny when a Zerg complains about Widow Mines. I mean, you've had Widow Mines that can move and attack at the same time and outruns marines for three years. *Cough Banelings Cough*
  • Take another look in reply to Yep, not purple by Protossoario

    # The argument that it's a part of his hat just doesn't hold water. If you look at his side sprite, you can clearly see that this purple hair extends to his sideburns, making it undeniably hair. There's also a ...
  • One thing never has made sense to me. in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Day9

    What on Earth has happened to Link's hair in this game? It typically stays at a pretty steady blond between Zelda games, but for whatever reason, they went for the purple angle in this game. And... like... only in this ...
  • So, I have a random question: in reply to This is a sport, this is e sport, this is our sport by Lizerino

    How do you embed a video into a topic? I've got one I wanted to share as well, while we're on the "motivational SC video" train :P
  • A nice opponent in reply to The kindest opponents that you ever dun had? by OctopusBlues

    So, I was playing a TvZ, in mid-platinum league, against a high-platinum opponent. We have the routine, "hi, glhf," and set to work on our builds. Because I saw that I was able to hinder his fast expand with my ...
  • One expo, One tier in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    So here's the idea: each time you expand, you unlock a new tier of units to use. If you have only one base, no offensive units may be made. Once you start your natural, you can begin making gateway, rax ...
  • Heh in reply to Rally Points! by Dewws

    I feel like, once you're maxed, you just die :P
  • Yes in reply to Weird? by alexgambrel12

    Both my Blizzard email and my Amazon email are the same. It said 3-5 days on the item description.
  • I did! xD in reply to Pre-order by Saucy

    Unfortunately, Amazon takes 3-5 days to send you over a beta key, or at least, that's what they told me. I preordered two days ago :P But I want it now! D:
  • So... Reapers. in reply to Day[9] Daily #540 - New Reaper Plays in HotS by Day9

    Do we need to be using HotS reapers? I would assume we do, but he wasn't too specific about that in the daily. :/ Curses Blizz for not lending me a beta key!
  • Used to in reply to Starcraft Broodwar by reuben.bartlett.37

    I used to play a lot of broodwar, but for some reason, Blizzard seems to have shut my CD Key out of their BattlNet servers, so I can't actually play online broodwar anymore. It's pretty frustrating, but oh well.