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  • Location: Alberta, Canada
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  • About: Hey guys, I am a wanna be in that I do not own a computer that I can play Starcraft or even watch the daily as often as I would prefer. Love the community and working my way to be a shout-caster but more importantly a entertainer and or event planner for the Western Canadian scene. GL HF
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Twitter: GameSoletv

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  • Bad News in reply to Quick poll by Genesis

    By the results I have found in this poll it proves that there are only 9 SC2 gamers in Southern Alberta and 35 people are not sure of Canadian geography.
  • Best response in reply to Oh the sadness... by BorgLeader

    Thanks dude, that helps out, it is just making me laugh so hard.
  • Getting it all worked out in reply to If it's on twitch by Ziethriel

    I would hope to broadcast it live but I was hoping to do a semi-finals and finals live in person at a moderate venue. It would take a lot of planning and people but know that there is a viewership ...
  • Quick poll

    Hey guys here is a quick poll that I would find helpful if you would take for me. By the results I can furnish a greater response to the next post thanks