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  • About: I am silver but, in time, I hope to raise to platinum, diamond or perhaps even master, eventually. I love math and am currently pursuing a programming degree with the intent to pursue a career in game development. I am currently in second year so I still have a few years ahead of me before for that happens. I have a very wide variety of tastes in every area. I strive for perfection in everything, yet I still desire balance and enjoyment (of the process) of learning and living above anything else. To me, Starcraft is a way I can challenge and improve myself while learning lessons that go beyond the game itself. Day[9], however, has done far more in that respect than Starcraft. The way he lives and the ideas he shares have truly inspired me in many unique ways, and I thank him deeply for that. So that is me, why I follow the daily and will continue to do so as long as Day[9] keeps it up. If anyone would like to play some Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Diablo or WoW my battletag is GhostStalker#1674. See you on the ladder.
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