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  • kk in reply to i do by Sublux

  • Anyone wanna team up with a high gold Protoss for 2v2? in reply to Funday Monday Partner Thread! by Day9

    If you want to just respond if interested!!!Thanks in advance :D
  • thanks in reply to 3 stalker rush by lezhi.lo

    I'll use that build but every time I even try to do any stargate openings in PvP they get shut down and they get a free win GGWP Juse need some help in my overall BO for stargate in HOTS
  • Need help in PvP. Silver. HOTS

    Hi. So whenever I go PvP I do a standard 3stalker Robo into Collosis build. I mainly want to get a bigger army than my opponent and get better macro and so on. But I lose to things like 3stalker ...
  • Here is one of my better games in reply to How many points? by Themavran

    # Thanks for watching.
  • Some replays. in reply to How many points? by Themavran

    I have around 768 points and for some replays I have a few right here, didn't really look through all of my replays but here are some that you can look over and assess my overall skill.
  • Looking for coach. Toss, can't seem to break into silver.

    Hi, I'm a rank 1-6 Toss, that beats silvers, but can't break into silver for some reason. I never lose to most of the silvers I face, but whenever I'm about to be promoted a bronze comes along a beats ...