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  • Dont forget in reply to Awesome useless websites!! by joseph.gilmore.357

    # and and all the other tehurns...
  • It's a fairly good game... in reply to Battlefield 4 by art.richards

    The thing that I wouldn't forget about is ArmA 3 that comes out slightly before... I think that game would force most people to upgrade their pc's. BF4 probably will be about equal in capability though which is great!
  • Did Day9 ever think of publishing his notepads?

    Hello all! I am simply curious about Day9 and all of the notepads he uses. Whether he's saved all of them or not I can not be sure, but, I have kind of wondered if he ever published the pages ...
  • Thanks so far guys in reply to Im a gold terran, playin zerg, and zvz is weird by Guitarman29

    If anyone has anything else to share I'm sure this question has been asked and will be asked again so keep them coming if you got em'. I'm not sure if this will change in HOTS, though I don't think ...
  • How does that affect my roach/festor count? in reply to Spores by acurus

    The problem is when the opponent has mutas as 80 of their supply. Does that mean I need to sacrifice some of my base composition for a lot of hydras?
  • Im a gold terran, playin zerg, and zvz is weird

    So i am normally a gold terran player but lately ive been like a plastic league zerg just to have some fun. I've got a question about zvz involving mutalisks. Its not using them that is the problem, it is ...
  • TvZ hellion marine build

    From one of those nice fellows at TL that is so well done, and has a video for it!
  • Not to be a critic but a little more specifics would be good in reply to strategy against P as T by boxxy

    I'm a gold/plat terran as well and I am curious on this build you have. Its a little vague for me and it sounds similar to a proxy marauder just in your base. Like the question already asked, when does ...
  • The problem with your logic in reply to oi first post... why shouldn't HOTS ravens auto-heal mech? by pgnet

    Im a gold terran and honestly mech is really weak early, and quite vulnerable to a roach all-in max etc vs zerg. However, this would cause major problems as ravens also could use the seeker missile since it was buffed. ...
  • I rerouted tilde(`) in reply to Hotkeying Control Groups by Bru

    I moved tilde to the 0 slot hotkey to make use of it that way i have army on tilde(0) and 1. I put a CC on 2.Then I can put rax on 3, factory on 4 etc. Its different ...
  • Hotline Miami in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    This is the fastest paced indie game I have ever played and would be very entertaining to watch day9 play!
  • new stuff in reply to Try freeware by Riuna

    the latest build is still an alpha lol but I will give it a shot. Thanks!
  • Price is my object in reply to Community Streams by Riuna

    I would be fine streaming anything and learning the software except I dont think I'm willing to pay whatever the subscription is to xsplit or any other livestream software.
  • SSD upgrade?

    I have a pc that was built last year and I'm thinking about upgrading it in the form of installing an SSD. I have currently 1 2TB WD Black SATA HDD at 6/Gbps. I'm not sure if getting an SSD ...