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  • About: Loves games. . . Games and more games. :D Starcraft 2 CASUAL gamer, PC user. . . When i have free time, i usually just casually play games. :D Protoss Race User! (Though im not very good at it) im bad at Terran, TERRIBLE at Zerg A BIG BIG Sean DAY[9] Plott Fan. .
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  • As for me in reply to Saying GG and Rage Quitting by BlazeNova

    Whenever i lose (which is most of the time) i say gg or gg wp. . . Mostly gg wp (im too amazed with their builds or pushes) when i win, i try to type gg as well (but im ...
  • Any Race is GREAT in reply to Should you play a race based on ability or personal preference? by TJAyo

    Any race is great. Just practice with the race you're most comfortable with for a start. Then take off from there. I was a Terran user from the Broodwar days, But im a Protoss Player here in HoTS. I guess ...
  • This is awesome! in reply to Sure is by Darkozzy

    i'll add u up in Starcraft :D my IGN is HaMeRuu :3.. that great because i sometimes do recordings of games. . . but not streaming (internet here in the Philippines is kinda crappy. . . No not Kinda but ...
  • This is AWESOME! in reply to In Honor Of Day[9] Himself- The DayKnights Clan Has Formed! by Darkozzy

    I think i should leave my clan and join the DayKnights. :3 im so sure its a place of Fun and Happiness :3
  • Why i love sean "day[9]" plott

    HELLO! Im HaMeRuu :D I feel like telling everyone a short message about why i really like Sean "Day[9]" Plott. And why i will continue to be his FAN.
  • DAYKNIGHTS in reply to You now have a name by Day9

    Well, i really learned Starcraft 2 with the tutorship of Sean "Day[9]" Plott. So i really want to be called a Day Knight :D
  • FireFall! in reply to Firefall Fest with Day[9] by Day9

    Will MAKE time on those dates. Even if its early in the morning from where i am
  • THANK YOU :D in reply to Answer by noMADe

    Hi noMADe thanks. I'll tell him right away. :D the bundle is like 70 USD right? Haha. He can manage it i hope. :D He was making good progress after just a week using Terran. :D Thanks a bunch for ...
  • This will be the BEST FRIDAY i will ever have! in reply to Day[9] Story Time #1 - How I Almost Died by Day9

    Yep it will be Friday from where i live.
  • About Spawing

    Hi Sorry for being such a noob :) 1st of all, About the spawning feature of Blizzard. Lets say a friend of mine has a WoL already installed. Can he use the spawning feature of Starcraft 2?
  • Happy Happy Birthday!! in reply to Day[9] Story Time #1 - How I Almost Died by Day9

    Happy Birthday to Sean "Day[9] Plott! One of my idols ever! More power and keep on rocking sir :D
  • My Hotkeys? in reply to What's Your Hotkey setup for Protoss, Zerg, or Terran? by Supapao

    I use the standard preset hotkeys on the options. And ingame its like 1 - Army 2 - Blink Stalkers (if going Ground) or Caster (Templar) or Oracle 3 - Robo or Stargate 4 - Stargate or Robo 5 - ...
  • New option for me at least in reply to 4 stalker pressure into SKYTOSS by dav0

    Hi Dave, i also use the 4 gate to Skytoss build. But rather, i tend to chrono boost my warp gate then after warping my 4 stalkers to poke, transition to stargate and Beacon. :D that is, if i dont ...
  • :D Thanks Dude in reply to Things to think about in Gold by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Thanks for the great advice. :D i think i have to work on the 1st and 3rd thoughts u gave. Ive developed my Macro Behind Micro. Before i was "Cant let the units die, then my economy is like 1000+minerals" ...
  • DAY[9] REALLY HELPED in reply to It's the same with me!! :D by TemporalHawk

    Yup! I started watching Day[9] in general after the Swarm Launch. Watched the Dailies of Sean and learn an EFFIN Lot! Haha. . . The best thing i learned from Day[9] was "Dont focus on just winning, Focus on getting ...
  • Just a post about my progress

    Im HaMeRuu (yeah its really spelled that way in starcraft :3) a protoss player. NA Server. Currently im at Gold League. (YEAS! after 3 months of playing starcraft 2 HoTS)
  • A Cute single Player in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Hi Sean, can u play Dust: An Elysian Tail? Its a nice side scrolling Action adventure game. :D
  • Casual Gamer who loves competition in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Name : HaMeRuu (SEA and NA) B.Net : HaMeRuu#1102 League : BROOOONNNZZEEE LEAAAGGGUE! Race : Protoss Im just a casual gamer. . .Not too good. . .Very bad at most. :D wanting a chance to play with some high level ...
  • The MIND is open! in reply to Playing Games at a young age have taught me... by LordMatsu

    As a gamer since, well, the age of 6 (Yes, Famicon and NES) to the PS days and PC days. Ive been playing almost all genres of games. RPG, RTS, SIM to name a few. These type of games made ...
  • This will be Epic in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - The Last of Us by Day9

    I cant wait for this to stream. :D Well, i'll be watching it on the archives. . . Im like on the other side of the world. :(