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  • Dishonored in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Thought it was a great game. The story is pretty good, there's a lot of text you can read if you want but it's all optional, and I loved the combat.
  • Reported in reply to This is a chrome bug by ntucker

    Thanks, reported it :)
  • Ubuntu in reply to title by elijah.gubin

    Yeah, games are the only reason I keep an XP drive around. Anything that doesn't need good graphics I can just use VirtualBox. It's also easier to install games in XP and then run them with WINE, installation is one ...
  • Timestamps on replies

    Posts all have timestamps, but the only way to view the timestamp on a reply to a post is to click on the reply. It should be viewable in the discussion without having to click on it to go to ...
  • WINE in reply to Ubuntu?! by elijah.gubin

    Yep, there's some issues with WINE and multiple monitors, so I have to disable my second one, but if I do that it works fine. I actually haven't had a chance to make sure 1.5 works with WINE yet, too ...
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  • My Desktop in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

    A completely blank desktop that I never really look at. I always have way too many windows open.