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  • Looking for friendly people to chill in discord with

    Yeah I find SC2 really lonely game so I'm just looking for people to sit in discord and talk about our games. Day9 suggested it so ya I'm following through. I'm just getting into SC2 and I've just beaten the ...
  • Looking for Ipad friends ! :D

    Hey yeah im looking for ipad friendies to play HS with add me Blinky#1888
  • Looking for a coach / mentor / friends to play with ! :D

    Hey my name is Tyler and I am brand new to TCGs ! Random factoids about me: Region : NA Most Played Hero : Don't know yet, equal suckage with all BUT I like Rogue.... For her personality...
  • I agree it can be really frustrating losing to crazy cards but.... in reply to Buy 2 win? by Grnite

    You should reread the first part of your opening. You've only been playing a week :P Don't sweat it. You aren't wrong though, sometimes I lose simply because he top decked a legendary. Sure it may of had a 1/5 ...
  • Great point in reply to I'm also quite biased, but by printf

    haha thank you for your input! ummm any zergs wanna convince me to join the swarm ?
  • Me tooo in reply to I'm biased by DaveSprite

    haha when I play terran thats all I can do.... That slow crawl with seige tanks my mind says yes yes its genius my hands say no no. Then they all die. ;c
  • I feel lost race-wise...

    Ok so let me start out by saying I'm 20, I'm a dork and I suck at starcraft 2. I got Wings of Liberty when it first came out and hit plat pretty quick and was able to stay consistently ...