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  • Day[9] Should Play Gwent!

    Hey, me again. Would be cool if Sean took a dive into Gwent! It has just went open beta, F2P, lots of stuff to do, pretty neat card game. Barely any RNG, can build some fun decks!
  • Yeah Kinda in reply to I am flabbergasted that it was done by just 3 people by Rade

    bodyThe credits did include other contributors, but it's still dang impressive, yes. They did smaller stuff before that though, like Hungry Knight (some net game).
  • Day9 Should Play Hollow Knight!

    He likes Dark Souls games (from what I could tell). He likes Castlevania SotN. Hollow Knight is almost a mix of both, sounds like a good deal to me. I love the game and would love to see him play ...
  • Yup in reply to I just suggested this to by Gravity_Potato

    DayJ would sure have some hilarious moments with it. Freaking out about the combined animals and whatnot. :D
  • Armikrog in reply to Mostly Walking Suggestions by ThomasBayes

    The game has seen a lot of fixes and should be more fun to play now. Check it out! (Kind of sequel to The Neverhood, but not really.)
  • Impossible Creatures in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    It's an RTS that's somewhat unwieldy, but can be fun and is hilarious at parts. I'd love if you played through the campaign with some whacky units. Yeah, you make your own units!
  • Pro tip in reply to Controls are a bit different by LordMatsu

    You can use the click method on PC as well. No need to drag.
  • Mkay in reply to I'll try! by lewis.menzies.503

    Have fun! :d
  • Shadowform + Velen in reply to A couple ideas... by Ame

    It does boost Mindspike. Yay!
  • Expansion Coming! in reply to Zombie Druid Deck by HighLanderPony

    The cards in the expansion would make this deck even more insane. More deathrattles and more benefits. It's like I've predicted the future! Please, this must happen, if only to show off the new cards. :d
  • Thanks! in reply to Gotta Love Death Themes! by SteppeLively

    Good luck with it. :)
  • :D in reply to Hearthstone movies starring Day[9] by aspera

    Well put. xD
  • Zombie Druid Deck in reply to The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread by MexicanAce

    Hey Day9 and Forumers,This is my first post. Let me just tell you right off the bat that the content is really enjoyable! So thanks!I registered to share a deck idea of mine. I don't have the cards for it, ...