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  • Anime! in reply to Stuff Sean Likes by Day9

    Day 9, check out steins gate, code geass, gurren lagann, full metal alchemist brotherhood. Such goodness. Also, check out Knife Party, YEAH!
  • A game of its own in reply to title by Bru

    That was my initial feeling too, but they dismissed that, saying the industry was changing, and that most other fps games have something similar. They said it felt completely different, and from what I have seen, it here is no ...
  • HALO 4

    YEEEEEEEESSSSS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Mendicant Bias VS the Didact, probably something along those lines for the orange vs blue forerunners.
  • Hallway in reply to Amnesia: The Dark Descent by ntucker

    When I got the the first ballroom with the two hallways, I went to the door that collapses after you have been through it. I heard a very loud "raaawr" and turned around and a zombie was in high 5 ...