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  • Actually in reply to Please, please turn the YouTube volume up by Hyperlynx

    maybe wrong forum for this, since it's all the vids on the Day9tv channel, not just Hearthstone...
  • Please, please turn the YouTube volume up

    To Whom It May Concern:I'd be very much obliged if you would increase the volume of the video uploads before uploading to YouTube. The videos uploaded to Day[9]'s channel are consistently much softer than every other videos on YT and, ...
  • "Shekelhoarder"

    Heya Mr 9.I'm a loyal follower, watching on youtube. Have been for several years now, subscribed at the start of the year, I've just watched the midrange hunter decktackular vids, and there's a gent in chat apparently called "shekel hoarder", ...
  • Deck request

    Hullo. Not sure if this is the right place to post this or, indeed, if there is a right place, but nonetheless:I am determined, as a Hearthstone player, to not netdeck. I therefore play only decks I've come up with, ...