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  • DayWut emote concept

    I was watching the third segment of the N'Zoth Shaman stream and Sean made a face that deserves to become an emote, so I made this.
  • Here it is :) in reply to title by Tieron

  • Dresden files? in reply to Looking for a good read by Nines

    I know Sean loves to talk about the Dresden Files a lot. Its the only book i can remember him talking about
  • Not bad at all in reply to Day9-Rant by Thrill

    Is this what he was talking about when he talked about that time he was practising public speaking? Because this is not as bad as he said it was. He was actually pretty funny
  • Thursday show? in reply to New content inquiry! by Day9

    Will there be one? :) Dont get me wrong i love the decktaculars, but some variation would be nice
  • Jimmy Carr in reply to I'm new into stand-up comedies by casty

    I see no one has mentioned him yet. I went to one of his shows in 2013 and I hvent laughed that much in a long time. He might not be for everyone, but I reommend giving it a try ...
  • Lets do this! in reply to Im making games! by I_took_a_mint

    I just got my game greenlighted by my executives and im ready to start. Playtesting should start in a few months :)
  • Dont be picky in reply to Young, naive and inexperienced looking for advice by patsha.ha

    If its one thing I learned when I was looking for work before i went to college its that you shouldnt be too picky about what you get. Ive had tons of shit jobs, but they were still good work ...
  • I wish I could in reply to MostlyHangout - At the Ramen place Bill mentioned? by Balgrin

    Man, the ramen here in Norway is just nothing compared to the ones in Japan.... Im hungry * u *
  • hmm in reply to Im making games! by I_took_a_mint

    I think youll have to copy paste the link.
  • Im making games!

    As some of you already know ive recently started studying "gaming and experience technology" in college. Over 3 years I will work with other students in teams to create games that will be posted on our schools web page and ...
  • Maybe i can help? in reply to I'm the leader of that group by Gerbles

    I dont mind being a mod or something so that i can write a few posts now and then, and hopefully keep it active.
  • Does it have to be an adventure game? in reply to Mostly Walking Suggestions by ThomasBayes

    I have a feeling that they are getting a little tierd of adventure game as they seem to dislike all of them. In my opinion it doesnt matter what genre they play. They could play Rocket League together for example
  • Just an idea in reply to Kind of new one? by LordMatsu

    Ive noticed that theres a lot of small Day9 community groups on steam, but they all seem to go inactive. It would be great if someone made like an "official" group posted on this site. Dunno if there is enough ...
  • Steam group inactive

    I recently noticed that the Day9 community group on steam has been inactive for years unless there is another group that i dont know about. Here is the group
  • EU in reply to Let's Play Some Heroes! by GrimButtocks

    Add Jonrei#2501 if you want to :)
  • Final fantasy? in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    I know the final fantasy games are pretty long, but it would be awesome to see you play either FF3, FF7 or FF10 :)
  • 250,000 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest 2 - Day[9]'s Level Up Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT

  • Uhh.. in reply to What by BeastlyDayKnight

    Rating old games by its graphics are just wrong :P
  • Keep it as it is in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    Mostly Walking is the best show on twitch right now.