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  • Why Dailies Are Great in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #185 - Double Flare Hunter by Day9

    Day[9] Dailies are extraordinary due to the complete lack of FACE HUNTER decks. In short, neat hunter decks are trumped over winning (especially over winning...). Looking forward to not meeting few Secret Paladins(because Hearthstone RNG), and crushing the few you ...
  • Put the Fun in Monday in reply to Market Research by cohLysion

    There was a definite pleasure in seeing extrordinarily odd matches interspersed with tidbits of useful information. Playing Legacy of the Void currently, such information would be appreciated. Not to mention who didn't enjoy the classic Day[9] reactions and take on ...
  • No in reply to Sorry man by ChrispyK

    One can wish. @ChrispyK , I would have to acquiesce. The age of Funday Mondays is sadly over...
  • Solid in reply to Making the switch by Aptus

    Solid. Watch out for Mutalisks from zerg players, as they seem to have gotten hugely buffed.
  • LoTV Builds in reply to What the chicken by BeastlyDayKnight

    Ok, Ok. Well LotV is officially out. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a Ravager all-in against Protoss, or a fast Muta cheese-esque build.
  • LoTV in only two days! in reply to Glad you're going to stream it!  by Saucy

    Ha. Or binge ladder...
  • Hoooooooooooraaaaaay! in reply to Mostly Walking - Broken Age #6 by Day9

    Can;t wait to see the end of this game.
  • Zerg Builds in reply to LotV openings? by ChrispyK

    I am a Zerg player with the same question, thankfully, the Beta has arrived. Which, upon playing it, it VERY different than any of the the two prior Sc2 games. Lowko has some nice builds for LOTV(look him up on ...
  • Neat Idea! in reply to Let's make games! by Arne

    I have. sadly, little experience with programming apart from what I taught myself, but this is a really neat idea, and if you ever get something moving, I would be more than happy to try an assist by studying up ...
  • MOON HUNTERS in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    When it comes out in Febuary 2016. And I loved the To the Moon playthrough. The tears.
  • Suggestion; MOONHUNTERS, in reply to Mostly Walking Suggestions by ThomasBayes

    When it comes out in Feb 2016. That would be SO cool.
  • CANDYBOX 2 in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    Unsure if this has already been played or suggested