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  • Thanks in reply to Sean's equipment by Jetherick

    Thanks that's perfect!
  • Sean's equipment

    I was wondering if anyone knew what microphone day9 uses. I have been looking for a standalone mic for a while that will last me a good long while so any other suggestions would be great too.
  • lots of reasons! in reply to Do you watch Day[9] to improve at Starcraft or for a different reason? by medivh

    When I discovered Day[9] I was bronze league and now, about 300 episodes later, I'm Platinum so I guess I have to say I do watch for the starcraft strat to some extent. However the biggest reason I watch (other ...
  • I want zerg play too in reply to Zerg play by tili

    Maybe from time to time he could have a friendday where he has other players talk about their laddering strategies
  • Curses work in reply to Day[9] Daily #479 – Funday Monday: Closest games ever! by Day9

    Love the new site! But I have to be up for work tomorrow at 5:30 and its almost 11 :(. Curse my inability to function on less then like 200 hours of sleep