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  • Become a cave man? in reply to Gettin in shape thread! by Day9

    Last year I took it upon myself to lose weight, and i found trying the caveman diet as its called over here in the UK awesome. I never went full on with it, because it seemed abit too much for ...
  • say the word baby! in reply to Throwing in the towel by BlackRose

    I often find marauder quotes help me when im losing the plot. xD However, just play to have fun and learn from the game, losing isnt as bad as it seems. In fact pro's often like losing, as it shows ...
  • Ghost in reply to Ghost, Goliath and Drone by Tangent

  • Hydra. in reply to The Truth by Tangent

    A hydra onesie would be amazing.
  • omg in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    You guys are awesome. I DEMAND MOARR :D
  • You know your a true gamer when...

    .. your asked to polish your room, and you actually polish just your keyboard and monitor. Thought this kind of thing could be fun, anyone else? :D
  • MC! in reply to Aaaand another update. by mirrageofhope

    Nice to wake up to something fun ;D I honestly thought the pic on the wall when they first walked in said ''I <3 MC''
  • YES! in reply to Thanks! by reinaldo.mizutani

    I'm not sure what league your in, but I'm currently playing against mostly gold waiting for my MMR to settle down, and I'm not sure if it works as much the higher you go, but you should try sticking a ...
  • Unsieged. in reply to [ZvT] Problems with (last dailies) Marine + Medivac + Tanks by reinaldo.mizutani

    Im only a crappy bronze leaguer, but I find zergs I go aginst who go for the Ling/Bling/Muta style tend to kill me pretty quickly if they catch me un-sieged. Following the last daily, I've been dropping then un-siegeing to ...
  • MM Beer. in reply to Isn't there a barcraft in Paris??? by victor.susavila

    I was not aware of this, thanks for pointing it out ^^
  • I HAVE SOCKS! in reply to General France stuff. by zach.turmel

    I've been to afew places around Europe where I've been warned about pickpockets ( including London :D) and find keep my money in my sock a pretty effective technique :P + it stops me taking too much out ;D ty ...
  • Exercise. in reply to How do you deal with stress while playing? by Raven

    Is honestly my key to beat that crappy niggly feeling you get while your having your a really crappy day doing ANYTHING. Be it life stuff, college work, or the ladder. Itry to do something at least 5 days a ...
  • Thanks for the answer! :) in reply to unfortunately by prometheus0099

    Im from the UK and I had to learn basic French while I was at school, so I know a couple of the basics still. Im staying with family who speak it fluently so on that part I should be ...
  • Need advice.

    It simple, Im going to France a next monday, and I have a real problem...I can't french. All jokes aside, Im seriously going with family, and I hate touristy trips I like to just kick back and relax not look ...
  • Late i know :P in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    Worth a shot, I would love one if you have any left :D