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  • starcraft daily when sean couldn't stop laughing

    Anyone remembers the daily when sean couldn't stop laughing and chat believed that he was high. One of the games reviewed had zerg in it, and he really had to go to a break to stop laughing and really couldn't ...
  • I need some halp on SC2 shoutcasting.

    Hello lovely community. I'm a LoL latinamerican shoutcaster, I watch Husky, LAGTV and Sean of course to learn about SC2 and this is my story.
  • What mic Sean uses?

    Hello guys! I don't know if this info is anywhere but I ask you my friends. What microphone Sean uses? I saw it before it's like a white ball.
  • Yummy, donuts in reply to It was an average performance by his standards by conastatu

    Hope he enjoyed them. I'm really happy that he raped everything on San Diego, I hope I see him playing more and more MTG for awhile. I have memories, since I was a MTG judge.
  • How Sean went on pro tour?

    How did he went? Scores? I'm pretty much exited waiting for the next daily for him to tell us :)
  • Is Sean going to the Pro Tour?

    I've been off a little you know so I don't know, but... Is he really going to the MTG Pro Tour? is that so I will be rooting for him!