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  • HOTS Key in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    I would be very grateful for a HOTS beta key. If you have any more that is.
  • Stories FTW in reply to Day[9] to try his hand at MTG streaming? by Kaelus

    Yeah, I started watching MTG players stream from the suggestions I got from watching the Grand Prix stream. I'm just getting into booster drafting and general limited play on MTG Online and watching those guys draft is great. Hopefully there ...
  • Day[9] to try his hand at MTG streaming?

    I think that it would be awesome and entertaining if Mr. Plott tried to stream some of his drafts. It would be similar to when he streams other games, even if he's new to them. It would also help to ...
  • So helpful! in reply to Day[9] Daily #499 - Day[9] plays 3 ladder games by Day9

    Not only was this daily vastly entertaining, but it was one of the most helpful that I've seen (from a Protoss pov). Your thought process and methods of identifying and correcting mistakes is very clearly laid out. I believe the ...