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  • Sounds like Bomberman / Dynablaster in reply to There was a game... by bluedrop

    My friends and I actually made a dynablaster inspired game in 1995 called XPLOSIVE, but as it was written for DOS, it's not running in modern OSes anymore. You need something like dosbox to run it.
  • I don't have a key, but will check it out on release in reply to Favorite and least favorite Hearthstone heroes by aspera

    Hi there,what I know about Hearthstone is from Day9's day off and Chris Negrin's "Low cost master in 2 days" videos, so unfortunately I don't have any first hand experience, yet. I do like that Blizzard has recycled a lot ...
  • I thought the new forum was the answer in reply to So... it's been almost two weeks :D by bluedrop

    "we've been working on a plan on how to best support and encourage indie development going forward"I thought the creation of the forum, moving threads and encouraging people to post about their indie developments already was the answer that was ...
  • Nice! Good to see you posting again. in reply to Day9 in Grand Theft Auto V!!! by KNKL

    Awesome picture! I wish I could draw, but even stick figures give me trouble.I've watched some of your videos - great stuff, by the way - and subscribed to your youtube channel after your recent #100 thread. Good to see ...
  • Here is my list in reply to What frustrates you most about playing StarCraft? by Day9

    1. The build up of adrenaline just by playing a game is worrying me. This is just one example of the many times this has happened, but I recently lost two games in a row. I decided not to play ...
  • Agreed in reply to Tomb Raider by Zylo

    The new tomb raider is excellent - not so much for the game play or the story, but the visuals are what kept me playing. Also, I dig the accent of the voice actress.
  • Well, I'm probably out in any case. in reply to Is there a time that would work great for you? by SteppeLively

    Even if the time were better, at the moment my internet access couldn't handle it anyway. Whenever I am in a location with decent internet, there are usually other things occupying my time, so I wouldn't be able to join ...
  • Unfortunately I cannot make it in reply to National Novel Writing Month: Planning! by SteppeLively

    Hi Stephanie,Wednesdays I'm at my place with a bad internet connection (between 10 and 30 kbit / s), so joining a google hangout isn't possible. Besides, 7:30 PST is 4:30 a.m. CET, which is also problematic.Still, it's a great idea ...
  • That's very true. in reply to Totally agree by printf

    "Generally it's the trolls and haters who comment about people, and they seem to outnumber the fans; I think it's great that you created this thread to remind Sean that most people love him, not hate him."Trolls having the loudest ...
  • The pep talks in reply to NaNo is great by Akanta

    Which one of this year's pep talks are you looking forward to the most? As I'm mentioning on my blog, I'm really excited about Patrick Rothfuss's pep talk.
  • My group usually plays random characters in board games in reply to Do you play random elsewhere? by SteppeLively

    Hi Stephanie,whenever the selection of characters becomes stale / predictable (does anybody voluntarily pick Boomer in the BSG board game these days?), we usually introduce a random element to character selection in board games. Not only is it more interesting, ...
  • Are you banned or is this just a general chat restriction? in reply to Twitch.TV Chat Ban - Reason? by Leggz

    I thought the chat rules changed a while ago, because there were too many people typing, which made it difficult A) to have a conversation, defeating the purpose of chat and B) for the moderators to whack offending chatters.As far ...
  • Nice twist on 2v2, but too stressful for me. in reply to I would actually like to see another form of 2v2's by victor.susavila

    I'm having trouble with macro/micro and one race - can't imagine how stressful it'd be with 2 races to manage at the same time. It sounds interesting, but might not work for funday monday, as it'd require both teams to ...
  • "MetaDating is almost certainly done for good" in reply to Metadating A Season 2 please by Tester

    In this AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit, he said "MetaDating is almost certainly done for good. The show has run its course and I'm happy with it. You haven't the last of the Sean, Bill, Sean combo though :D"
  • This in reply to If we're talking pure trailer by LordMatsu

    The blizzard trailers are indeed always superb. Pretty much on topic, the Starcraft II - Ghost of the Past trailer with that music (can't quite remember, was it requiem for a dream?) in the background gave me goosebumps.
  • He already did in reply to Bioshock Infinite by lude1245

    Check it out! Bioshock Infinite Part 1Bioshock Infinite Part 2Bioshock Infinite Part 3
  • Awesome! Congratulations. in reply to HELL YEAH!! by Para199x

    The highest I ever beat was platinum, but that was in the WoL days. Nowadays I am back in the silver league, heh. Congratulations on beating the Master league guy - it's always great to win against a higher ranked ...
  • Yes, but... in reply to am I missing something? by PrimusInterParus

    It's some sort of PR thing, where they both switched teams for the showmatches. AFAIK, it's only a temporary change (although they even altered their twitter names to reflect the new team allegiance).
  • Here is my account, if you want to add me as well. in reply to ^_^ by Kitty4Cat

    Likewise, if you want to add me, here is my NaNoWriMo account.
  • I've uploaded the 2nd episodes, but... in reply to My new youtube show "Gamesäge" by Kai.Herbertz

    Hi, I've now uploaded the second episode, but strange enough the video wasn't full screen this time around. There is an ugly black border on the video - does anybody know why that happens and how I can avoid it?This ...