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  • About: Check out my blog post about meeting up with some people from the Day[9] community in May 2013: http://kaiherbertz.com/2013/05/27/10-meeting-the-day9-community/
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  • #20 Structure in reply to I have started a blog (as well) by Kai.Herbertz

    Hey everybody,I've just posted a new blog post - since my updates were infrequent, I figured it's high time to introduce some structure to posting new blog entries. Hopefully I can stick with :) Oh and since I've been posting ...
  • How about using October for outlining? in reply to NaNo....soo good by SteppeLively

    Hi Stephanie,last year I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time and miserably failed: I got a bit more than 6k words done, but the pace wasn't that horrible considering that I only wrote on Saturdays. I managed to attend ...
  • Congratulations on episode 100! in reply to "The Day[9] of Artists" KNKL reaches DAILY #100! by KNKL

    I've checked out your video: It takes some serious convinction and courage to quit your job in order to pursue your dreams. Kudos for that! Now I'm curious to see your starcraft shoutcasting videos - hopefully they are on your ...
  • Yeah, I'm almost scared about the next video in reply to Good luck, mate! It's not an easy thing, I must add:D by victor.susavila

    Hi SusaVile,I've immediately received a lot of feedback on facebook. One of my friends mentioned that the stack of games is rather old, so he would prefer to see newer games. He also referred me to some other videos that ...
  • From part 3 of daily #342 in reply to Favorite Day[9] Quote? by misread_

    From part 3 of daily #342:"I spend very little time in deliberation mode, ever.""The only benchmark that I regularly use is like versus don't like, in all walks of life."
  • My new youtube show "Gamesäge"

    Hi all, I've finally joined the ranks of youtubers - I used to have a channel under a different name since 2006, but I did not upload any videos. For recognition purposes I've decided to use www.youtube.com/kaiherbertz as my main ...
  • Humble Indie Bundle 9

    Hi everyone,I just saw on twitter that the current humble bundle has a couple of interesting games: There's FTL and Bastion (which I already had) and Fez, Brütal Legend and Limbo (the reason I donated to the humble bundle). Some ...
  • Holy cow, that does indeed look amazing! in reply to Blog #9: Artillery's Gaming Platform - A Video Demo! by Day9

    Apart from Starcraft I'm not that into RTS, but this is one game I'm going to check out for sure. The video looks great!
  • Timmy is the prodigal sorcerer in reply to What is John Timmy Spike? by joshua.thibodeaux.948

    I don't know about Johnny and Spike, but Timmy is the prodigal sorcerer (tap to deal 1 damage). That's some sort of Monty Python reference, but I never got it.
  • So this trailer just came up in my twitter feed. in reply to Day[9] & Magic: the Gathering by BlueInkAlchemist

    Spellslingers trailer. Looks funny, can't wait to see the show!
  • Unfortunately, I have to give it a miss this time around in reply to Maybe by LordMatsu

    I kinda used up all of my spare money and most of my free time. At the moment I can't justify spending roughly 1k on a plane ticket to fly over from Europe. Hopefully the second meeting will be as ...
  • phonetically I figured it'd be... in reply to response by printf

    ... baremoled = bear mauled = mauled by a bear?
  • You raise a good point in reply to After probes and pylons... by RzMWood

    "and learning say a TvP build order (I'm Protoss)" I usually would only look at PvT builds as Protoss, but of course also looking at TvP builds is a very good idea.
  • My favourite voice actor in reply to Voice Acting in Video Games by misread_

    When I was a kid, I watched the transformers cartoon on (I believe it was) sky channel. That way, I intuitively learnt (AE expressions with BE spelling later at school...) english. Since Optimus Prime was/is my favourite character, I like ...
  • Have fun you guys! in reply to For those who are interested by LordMatsu

    Alas, I most definitely won't be able to fly in for this meeting. Perhaps next year, when I have some more accumulated free time and money.
  • This gives me a good excuse to peddle my blog :P in reply to Day[9] Meet And Greet! by izzumz

    Check out this write up of the last meet and greet with Sean :)
  • I haven't played in a while, so... in reply to Been out of the game for about a year. Tips? by kingjackal524

    Since I reached platinum in the latter days of WoL, I couldn't be bothered to play HotS multiplayer anymore. Thus, my advice might not be useful at all. Still, before considering going back to the 1v1 ladder, I would play ...
  • Yeah, you're right. in reply to true but still an important part when we see him. by Dave_9

    I didn't think this through, of course he could also do a non-green screen daily elsewhere, provided the person at that location is fine with him showing that location.The "I have stopped watching and won't watch until this is changed ...
  • Why? in reply to Hate it by Asphodel

    If he is not at home, the alternatives are A) a green screen daily and B) no daily at all. I don't quite see what is so distracting about the green screen, especially since it's only a tiny fraction of ...
  • Educational games in reply to A New Interview with James Paul Gee by SteppeLively

    He's got a point that current educational games are quite bad, probably because they are not created by game designers. With any game, making it fun to play needs to be a priority. Learning something can be a beneficial side ...