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  • I wanted to post this 3 months ago in reply to Card- and boardgame prowess by Jarnatan

    I wanted to post this 3 months ago when the thread was new. Eventually I missed the window, but since this got bumped: As another poster said, your description "job meta" is indeed a fantastic term to politely describe the ...
  • Haven't done anything yet in reply to You are the man by LordMatsu

    All credit should go to Gregg Seamon, who started to donate his spare games in this thread. Let me know what e-mail address or steam ID to send it to.As for vacations, I am actually using up the (obscenely high ...
  • Very cool! in reply to YEAH!!! by gregg.seamon

    Awesome of you to donate your spare games. I'll follow your example and will do the same. Unfortunately I do not have as many spare games at the moment, but whenever I buy a four pack, I should have one ...
  • I have an additional Torchlight 2 steam game in reply to Trivia Nights w/ LordMatsu and LittleBig11 by LordMatsu

    I bought the 4-pack on steam, but since my gaming group only consists of 3 people, I have a game activation left over. In this case, it's a game activation for Torchlight 2. Can I just send it and then ...
  • Are you serious? in reply to [H]Origin account with 12 games [W]Diablo 3/Hearthstone Key. by zerocool22

    Is this supposed to be a joke in response to the "will trade steam game for Hearthstone key" thread? If not, I do hope that you actually donated something for the humble bundle (on closer look, it says "donate more ...
  • Gamescom in reply to I have started a blog (as well) by Kai.Herbertz

    My apologies for bumping this already. Normally I wait a bit until I have a few more blog posts ready to share, but since I was at the Gamescom today and I got to watch the WhiteRa vs LiquidRet showmatch, ...
  • That was not the point of this thread (ok, maybe it was...) in reply to Advice in vain by Quineloe

    This wasn't a Day[9] advice thread, it was intended to give XCOM beginners some tips. (EDIT: I have just reread the OP and see "in the hopes that he takes away some useful info", so perhaps you are right that ...
  • Yikes! in reply to It's pretty scary by Day9

    That goes to show that people always find something to be negative about - there is no sane reason to send you hate mail.I remember that you once mentioned you wouldn't wade into flame war threads, but would ask someone ...
  • Forum post #100 (and blog post #16) in reply to I have started a blog (as well) by Kai.Herbertz

    Hi all,as some of you may know, I sent in a story submission to the Sword & Laser Anthology. Unfortunately I did not win, but instead I have put up the story on my blog. I have also put up ...
  • Well... in reply to I'd sub to watch it :D by LordMatsu

    They are charging 495$ for a yearly subscription, which is a bit steep if you only want to view one video, so hopefully it'll be in the free content section (or perhaps he's allowed to upload it to his youtube ...
  • I'm not sure in reply to Live? by LordMatsu

    Some of the GDC videos can be viewed in the GDC vault afterwards, but most of them are for subscribers only : /
  • Not a TED talk, but he just tweeted that he is at GDC Next in reply to DAY[9] TED Talks by Dreamy

    Sean just shared a link to Gamasutra on twitter, saying that he is giving a talk at GDC Next. But yeah, a TED Talk would be awesome!
  • Yeah, even though I replied to you, it was more a general thing in reply to I never said it was problematic by LordMatsu

    When I replied, I was wondering whether I should throw out a disclaimer - since the thread is more or less about tips for XCOM beginners (at least in my mind), I figured I'd mention the sniper stuff. Of course ...
  • sniper in reply to Beyond 75% on Classic or Impossible by LordMatsu

    I typically use the fourth (or was it the fifth?) skill of the sniper to disarm the aliens for one round, which is useful for capturing them. It's also helpful to bring them into the right hit point range with ...
  • Cliffhangers are good, vague endings are bad (imho, ymmv) in reply to Indeterminacy (Literature) by LordMatsu

    Used sparingly (I actually read a book where every chapter ended on a cliffhanger...), I think cliffhangers are great to keep the reader going.As for not making a clear stance and leaving the ending open to interpretation: that is indeed ...
  • I agree regarding the satellites in reply to Be a better (XCOM) Gamer by Dav3

    I agree that launching satellites should happen on the last day of the month, since countries only leave during the council monthly report.I think it is better to get the first suit of armor before the laser weapons, as keeping ...
  • Negativity creates nothing in reply to No he isn't by RaspberryKraken

    Reading your post, I get the impression that you want Day9 to become a pro player again, not because you want him to succeed as a pro player, but because you want him to stop casting and doing what's fun ...
  • Seconded in reply to XCOM!! by LordMatsu

    I managed to complete the game on impossible merely by reloading whenever a mission went south. The only upside to playing on impossible was that I got to see the failure cinematic.
  • Goals in reply to Life Goals! by alex.osborne.507

    Hi there,goals and goal setting is tricky business: If you set the bar too low, you'll fall short of what you can achieve, but if you set it too high, you'll just get frustrated. Getting to Diamond and meeting Day[9] ...
  • Here is a similar discussion topic. in reply to Come back perhaps, sean? by spencer.wing1

    Here is a similar discussion topic. EDIT: My post made sense, before the new thread got merged with the old thread...