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  • I want JP's clout! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Day9

    The new XCOM is pretty cool - glad to hear JP managed to convince you where I have failed in May :). I've got 54/55 achievements and am pretty much done with it now.
  • WoT is not eligible in reply to World of Tanks by Carteblanc

    Multiplayer only games are not Day off material as per the initial post :/
  • Ah, ok, my bad in reply to Maybe? by LordMatsu

    I guess it was my selective memory that led me to this conclusion.
  • Hopefully it was *not* Felicity in reply to I Took Day[9]'s advice by GPKankles

    Isn't "Felicity" the code name for the women where things go horribly wrong? Considering that, hopefully you're not going on a date with Felicity.
  • addendum in reply to awesome thanks! by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I just looked through the ama dailies in order to find the section about not spending time in deliberation mode (I'm going to quote that in the next blog post). It turns out that Sean also answered the question "when ...
  • No worries in reply to Hey man by jbigg2012

    Making the time for an extensive write up post is indeed tricky. No problem that you couldn't do one this time around. I was merely curious :)
  • Here's my opinion on the introduction. in reply to Philosophy of Games by Philosopher

    Hi Philosopher, since your first video was just 22 seconds long, I was already able to watch it with my slow internet connection last week. I checked this morning and it looks like there are no new videos up.
  • Good choice. in reply to You now have a name by Day9

    Although I liked daysciple the best from all the suggestions, it certainly is much better to be a knight than a disciple. Let's go forth and be awesome, indeed.
  • Coolness! Will check it out as soon as I have decent internet access. in reply to Philosophy of Games by Philosopher

    Hi Philosopher,I've been toying with the idea of starting a youtube channel as well, dealing with game design, writing and hopefully interviews. Unfortunately I haven't managed to A) get the technical side down and B) make the time. Congratulations on ...
  • That's really clever, I like it. in reply to Dayciples by Iota

    I like that suggestion a lot. I'm just not sure about the spelling: since the original word is disciple, shouldn't that be Daysciple?
  • I'm with Pat Farrell on this one. in reply to Nothing wrong with gaming-specific degree... by ElephantSandBrainSolution

    I can see someone with a degree in computer science starting a job at a company that designs computer games. However, I don't quite see how someone with some sort of gaming-specific degree would be taken seriously by employers outside ...
  • Nice! in reply to Hey guys by jbigg2012

    Glad to hear that everything worked out. Are you going to do a write up like you did for the MLG Dallas? Sorry for not responding to that thread, but I did read it :)
  • Congrats! in reply to Promoted to gold! by fatpony

    It's always a great feeling to get that promotion, congratulations on making it into the gold league!
  • Coolness. in reply to Day[9] Story Time #1 - How I Almost Died by Day9

    Story time dailies are the best, imho. I'll catch it on the archives, since A) it's the middle of the night here and B) the internet connection at my place isn't sufficient for watching streams.
  • Seconded in reply to seriously... by NameLips

    I pretty much stopped playing after reaching my goal of platinum 1v1 in WoL - I only played the HotS single player campaign, but no ladder matches so far.The amount of time I would need to invest and the (little) ...
  • It's a pity about the audio in reply to Exclusive: Promoting eSports + Day[9] in Seoul by jangta

    Hi Jason,too bad that the sound quality isn't so good, but I guess that can't be avoided in such a noisy environment. Thanks for sharing, it was a rather unusual (not in a bad way, mind you) interview.
  • Seen it before, but don't remember everything in reply to Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world by ntucker

    Hi Nathaniel (or is it Nathan?), I remember watching that video, but the only thing that stuck was that example about the culture not having enough food and distracting half the population with playing games. I did not rewatch it, ...
  • It's in this unlisted daily in reply to When he quits his job by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    It's the very first question from this AMA that I couldn't find on here, but found on blip: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-ama-ask-me-anything-6177751
  • Many thanks! in reply to Very cool by AintFunny18

    Hi AintFunny18,thanks for the encouragement, it's good to hear that I am not just merely rambling, but that people are actually interested in reading the blog :)Later,Kai
  • Boo headache, indeed. in reply to Boo Headache! by SteppeLively

    Now that it is 3 a.m. in Germany, the headache is slowly subsiding - go figure :). Good to hear that you are still, albeit infrequently, exchanging your work for critique.As for the concert: It was pretty damn cool and ...