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  • I don't think you'll get a 100% confirmation from Day[9] in reply to May/June/July by LordMatsu

    Dear Michael,as Sean (I used to write "Mr. Plott", but since I am inconsistent about it and use the first name with everyone else, I may as well write "Sean", too) already said he'd love to go, but that he's ...
  • Good idea, thanks for the tip. in reply to definitely by prometheus0099

    Hi Prometheus0099,thanks, that's a good idea. I will get to that, as soon as I have a few more posts on the blog itself. Similar to Philosopher's blog thread, I will bump this whenever I have a particularly interesting post ...
  • I have started a blog (as well)

    Dear all,well, what do you know, I've decided to start blogging, too. I'd be much obliged, if you could saunter over to kaiherbertz.com and have a look :)From the about section of the blog: "Professionally I’m a scientist, but I’m ...
  • Multi Player has changed over the years in reply to Two player co-op mode by fab

    Hi Fab,this is almost better suited for the "changes in game mechanics" topic, but I'll jot down a few thoughts in this thread instead:The examples I list are not necessarily "the first" instances, but rather what springs to my mind. ...
  • Lots of mini games in reply to What kind of game would YOU make? by Day9

    Dear Mr. Plott,I would still like to make a game that incorporates several mini games. I'm envisioning a blend of Chivalry, Sword of Aragon, and Millenium 2.2.Setting wise, it'd be post apocalyptic dark future. Unlike Millenium 2.2 it'd be set ...
  • Fair enough in reply to -_* by henrik.simpanen

    Dear Henrik,thank you very much for the level headed response. In one of the dailies (it may even have been #100), Day9 said that it's very easy for tone to get lost in writing. I completely agree and think this ...
  • Why do YOU even write? in reply to honestly, f your patriotism. by henrik.simpanen

    Dear Henrik, yes, this is the internet, but still the day9 community is something of a rarity on it, as people here tend to be thoughtful and polite. If you want to write something about patriotism and how it is ...
  • That lives/continues example was changed due to the medium in reply to Changes in Game Mechanics by Day9

    EDIT: Argh, my first paragraph was eaten :( Ok, let's retype this.Dear Mr. Plott,the need for lives and continues stems from the old arcade days, where it made sense to have people inserting quarter after quarter to buy continues, especially ...
  • hatch first against protoss in reply to Z vs P by JP7790

    Hi,just like singularity, I would also build the hatchery first. When I was playing zerg (mostly silver, a little bit in gold) I built a hatch on 15, built another drone and then the pool on 15 as well. EDIT: ...
  • Sorry to hear that in reply to yeah cool! by Lermoth

    Hi,breaking up is always hard, no matter if you are the dumper or the dumpee. What I took away from the whole "entitled" rant, is that it's always better to focus on the positive. Eventually things are going to look ...
  • You probably already thought of this, but on the off chance you didn't in reply to Subscriber Weirdness by DaveSprite

    Hi,I think that happened to me once, when I was still a subscriber. Somehow I wasn't logged in, so twitch couldn't tell that I was a subscriber. Hopefully it's something minor like that.All the best,Kai
  • PvP is the term for Protoss vs Protoss in Starcraft2 in reply to Help a noob out by Itsalli

    Hi,from the context of your post, I think you refer to "Player versus Player" with the term PvP. Usually it is read as "Protoss versus Protoss" in the Starcraft community, though.Now that you are here, why not check out the ...
  • Actually, I haven't fully figured things out yet in reply to thanks :) by gray.timothyjames

    Hi Timothy,I must admit that I haven't really figured things out about the gas, yet. I just notice that a lot of protoss get their gas up earlier than me, which is something I probably need to work on. The ...
  • Here's what I would do in reply to scouting by gray.timothyjames

    Hi,I always send out that probe, which builds the first pylon on 8. The way I send it out differs depending on what race my opponent is: Against Protoss, I click and then shift click a path around his main ...
  • Just give it a try in reply to New or old micro idea? by oscarfiaco

    Hi,your micro idea never occurred to me, so I like that you are thinking outside of the box. However, this is something you can easily test, so that would be my preferred solution: Rather than a discussion on the topic, ...
  • Don't worry in reply to That's pretty much what I did by DaveSprite

    You don't need to invent a counter strategy, as you probably won't encounter a proxy hatch attack again.
  • . in reply to Am I the only one? by LordMatsu

    No, you're not the only one, but perhaps Mr. Plott cannot host his own launch party, if he is already slated to appear elsewhere (say, at the official blizzard launch party; that is of course just speculation).
  • http://day9.tv/contact/ in reply to funday monday email please by DayNineFANBOY

    From http://day9.tv/contact/ :Monday@day9.tv – email box for submissions for Funday Monday only
  • From my limited experience with zerg in reply to I'm lost by Twitch

    Hi Twitch, I usually tried to expand on 15, then build another drone and put down a spawning pool. Against Terran and Protoss, this almost always worked (I was in gold league at the time). Even if they rush, it's ...
  • same in reply to Bastion on Steam Sale! by Wormskull

    Yeah, I noticed that as well and bought it in the sale (which is on for another 5 hours). Played it for a few hours already - that commentary really makes the game.