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  • That's by design in reply to Hovering over shortened thread titles by Riuna

    Hi Riuna,I believe this was pointed out already in this thread: http://day9.tv/d/Saucy/long-post-titles/The last post there by ntucker mentioned that it was by design.All the best,Kai
  • Cheers! in reply to Great job! by seren

    Many thanks! I will still play SC2 every once in a while, but without the goal to advance. If it happens without too much of a time commitment, then all the better.
  • Promotion to Platinum in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    Hi everyone, in the past few weeks, I usually won my games against gold league opponents and lost against platinum. Yesterday, I won two games in a row against platinum guys and was promoted to 1v1 platinum!
  • Yeah in reply to Who the Hell by Philosopher

    Perhaps that was in bronze league or one of those funday monday constraints...
  • Circumvent in reply to PvP Void ray wall in. by KaptainKnails

    Hi,I've recently played a game where the other guy walled himself in (gold league, Europe). Since he spent all that much money on static defense at his expansion, I simply built a warp prism, dropped in his main and kept ...
  • These are the games I've played recently in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Dear day9, I've recently played through the two High Moon Studios Transformers games. Although I thought they were great, they probably only appeal to fans of the 80s cartoon.
  • I disagree in reply to Another HotS Funday Monday. by Millea9

    Dear Millea9,I do not have the HotS beta - even though Saucy pointed out that it is relatively easy to join. However, I enjoy watching funday monday, even though I am not actively participating in it.In fact, I like the ...
  • Which mirror match do you like the most? in reply to Race Jumper, anyone else have this problem and kick the habit? by bloodhawk123

    Hi bloodhawk123,I used to play random and in order to improve, I have also forced myself to stick to one race. At first I picked zerg, but then I realized that I strongly dislike the ZvZ match up. I also ...