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  • Whoah, awesome! Congratulations. in reply to Thank you, Sean! <3 by JohnDoe

    I remember how great it felt to finally make it into platinum, it must have been super awesome to make it into the grandmaster league. Congratulations!
  • Anthology Open Call and Kickstarter Campaign in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

    Fellow DayKnights! I'm running a Kickstarter campaign for an anthology project until the end of November . The money raised will be used to create and publish a science fiction and fantasy short story anthology. There will be a mixture ...
  • Countdown deal $0.99 until the 13th of October in reply to Age of Torridan is on Amazon! by Kai.Herbertz

    Hi everyone, if you've been on the fence, my novel "Age of Torridan" is running a countdown deal on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk until the 13th of October. It is $0.99 in the USA and 0.99 GBP in the UK.
  • Cool! I'll check it out. in reply to Gotta recommend by LordMatsu

    I've never heard of that - thanks for the suggestion Michael, I'll check it out!
  • Favorite podcasts?

    Dear all, this year I've moved and thus faced a long commute. To make the 1.5 hour drive more enjoyable I started listening to podcasts (sword&laser, spieleveteranen, untitled rothfuss, gamers global, writing excuses), but now I'm running out of content.
  • Atlas Beta signup on the front page

    I just noticed that there's a beta sign up link for project Atlas on the day9.tv frontpage :) "We'll begin sending out limited quantities of beta invites to users on this list over the coming months. While this signup does ...
  • Well, I would have liked a different outcome, but still... in reply to Go get'em Kai! by Balgrin

    I only raised 234 Euros, but my goal was 1500 Euros, so I got nothing. Still, I consider the show of support, especially from the DayKnights, as a success.I paid $1000 for the final version of the cover, as that ...
  • Ok, found the interview. Good stuff! in reply to I got to interview Sean! We talked about what he's proud of, and more by Balgrin

    Hi Eliot, for some reason I didn't see the video at first. Now that I've watched it, I notice that my initial nitpick was already addressed there. Good work! Glad to see that things are going well for you.
  • Really nice article! Well done. in reply to I got to interview Sean! We talked about what he's proud of, and more by Balgrin

    Hi Eliot, I really liked the article and I had never seen the Vegas story before - pretty cool stuff. One minor nitpick, I think Sean started on some other streaming site (Ustream?) and then went to Justin.tv, which later ...
  • Age of Torridan is on Amazon!

    Fellow DayKnights! After my kickstarter campaign I worked in the changes suggested by Red Adept Editing and created the e-book layout. Now, my novel “Age of Torridan” is finally available on Amazon via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).
  • Looks cool! in reply to Browser-based Arcadey Platformer by ijames428

    Hi Ian, unfortunately I cannot produce art at all. It's great that you're designing games! I've been meaning to get back into it for a while, but have buried that aspiration in favor of the novels for the moment.
  • The 10 Kickstarter Dos in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

    Well met, my friends! After analyzing a few Kickstarter campaigns and running my own, I decided to write up a list of the ten Kickstarter dos and don'ts. However, since "don'ts" are too negative, I'll only mention dos :D
  • Cool! Keep me in the loop. in reply to Euro DayKnights!! Need input!!! by SteppeLively

    Hi Stephanie, great idea, even though most of my gaming is single player. Games: Hearthstone / World of Tanks / Some other shooter Times: 8:00-11:59 p.m. CET (that's 11 a.m. - 2.59 p.m. PST)
  • In a way, it's a good thing you didn't tune in! in reply to Thanks! by steven-cooley

    Since Mostly Walking is a show about old adventure games, it doesn't make sense to jump in when they are already a few episodes into a game. It's best to watch one game from the beginning to the end.
  • Welcome aboard! in reply to New fan here, just wanted to say, "thanks." by steven-cooley

    Welcome aboard! The positivity is indeed refreshing and a big plus of the Day[9] daily. Apart from the Hearthstone Decktaculars, have you checked out Mostly Walking? That's my favourite Day[9] segment at the moment :)
  • It took a while for me to enjoy the series in reply to I tried... by zeek

    I didn't immediately like the Dresden Files, but they got better with every volume. As for Storm Front, I wasn't impressed initially, until I read a hillarious scene in the middle of the book, which convinced me to keep reading. ...
  • Take care! in reply to I just unsubscribed, sadly. by Bergtau

    When I saw the thread title, I dreaded it would be a post saying "Unless Day[9] gets rid of the cats and gets a puppy instead, I cannot support him, for I am a dog person!" or something along those ...
  • The dreaded lost forum post (I know it well). in reply to I hate my pc. by Arne

    Hi Arne,I always think that I should write my messages in word pad at the very least (in order to retain them on a browser crash), but then I still type them into the browser window and sometimes lose them ...
  • Yeah, it's a close call in reply to Hmm, a tough one... by Irony

    I leaned towards B as well, but it's not a landslide decision. The majority seems to be in favour of B, but there are also several votes for A on my facebook page.I agree, Zelda Devon's stuff does indeed look ...
  • Awesome! Thank you! in reply to Funded and best of luck by ijames428

    Hi Ian,thank you very much for the support (and for exceeding that basic pledge by so much!) and the wishes for mountains of success :)For me, writing that first book was indeed difficult, but that's not even the end of ...