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  • Age of Torridan Cover Art Sketches! in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

    Well met, my friends! Today, Zelda Devon sent me the sketches for the Age of Torridan (needs a new cover) kickstarter campaign. The final version will look as beautiful as the other images on her website. The purpose for the ...
  • Noted it down in my calendar! in reply to AHGL Season 5 Grand Finals by Day9

    The Hearthstone stuff should start at 9 p.m. CET, if I'm not mistaken. Perfect time! I've noted it down and will tune in (unforseen emergencies notwithstanding) :)
  • Chapter 3 is up now! in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

    Dear all, all the time unlocked chapters are on the campaign page now. Two more chapters will be unlocked, once we reach certain funding milestones.
  • Chapter 2 is up now. in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

  • OMG, 10% funded! in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

    Thanks to an unexpected and very generous contribution (not by myself or a relative, but admittedly by a very good friend of mine) the campaign is now 10% funded.On Saturday I'll present the second chapter :)
  • Thanks, Stephanie! in reply to OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! by SteppeLively

    Thanks for the kind words, so far the reception of people I've showed this to was positive. We'll see how it develops.Either way, I'll post my next chapter on Saturday, so everyone can enjoy my accent, heh ;)
  • =) Thanks a bunch! in reply to Kai Fightiiing~~!!! by Day9

    Reading your enthusiastic message actually makes me smile, thanks a bunch for everything!For some reason I though that the kickstarter launch would go a bit better (on that note, I just got my first backer, yay!), but I guess it's ...
  • Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :)

    EDIT#2 (23rd of October 2015): I started a new Campaign! I'm running a Kickstarter campaign for an anthology project until the end of November . The money raised will be used to create and publish a science fiction and fantasy ...
  • Awesome! Congrats. in reply to Got GM again by printf

    My own cannon rushing abilities are rather poor, so I abandoned it and only used it against zerg on that 4 player jungle map without ramps (forgot the name).Pretty cool achievement! Keep it up.
  • Hmmm in reply to Coming to America by Denra

    Hi Dennis,the best part about my trip to L.A. was meeting up with fellow DayKnights, but other than that, I went to the obvious locations like the walk of fame and Universal City (plan the whole day for that one, ...
  • Nice! in reply to Big thanks to Sean and the MtG community at San Jose! by Balgrin

    Sorry to hear that the tournament didn't go better, but then again you played for fun and had fun, so I guess it's fine.Great that you did go back to talk to Sean, after getting some food.
  • ^ This. in reply to No Offense But... by Yahi

    I think you're absolutely right and to add to that, I also think it'd be far more effective for people to say "Hey, I really enjoyed that show, thanks!" whenever Starcraft content is up. Just signing up for a drive ...
  • You forgot the smiley face :D in reply to Masters in WoL by BeastlyDayKnight

    Sure one would initially and temporarily drop a league or two when moving from WoL to HotS, but I doubt that a former Master league player would drop as low as silver (unless everyone was secretly moved to silver as ...
  • Rank 17 / 18 in reply to Great suggestion! by Kai.Herbertz

    I'm oscillating between rank 17 and 18 with the deck, so it's more of a fun deck. The next experiment will be to swap out higher mana cost creatures for cheaper ones - perhaps angry chicken is finally going to ...
  • Great suggestion! in reply to Sword of Justice + Slime? by Wavingpeople

    That echoing ooze is a 1 strength creature as well, right? I like it! Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I'll swap out one Silverback Patriarch and one Demolisher.In the initial post, I forgot to mention that it was a ...
  • Hobgoblin + Jeeves Rush deck in reply to GvG is here! What decks are you excited about? by Wavingpeople

    I actually loathe the Zoolock and that Hunter, but now that I came up with a rush deck of my own, without encountering it first, I am fairly happy to play it. Right now, I'm just on rank 18, so ...
  • I think it's difficult to fix in reply to Same. Is this show getting worse? by n0tattractive

    The only way to ensure that they are not missing clues, is to have a scripted show, where they follow a walk through and merely act surprised as the story progresses. That would be more streamlined, but I think it'd ...
  • Difficult to predict, so it's good that you're going anyway in reply to IEM San Jose Dec 6-7 by Elyzium

    I would think that they aim to finish at a reasonable hour, but as usual with Starcraft2 matches, it's difficult to predict how long games are going to last or whether there are other delays.Hopefully you get to see the ...
  • My method in reply to I need help picking a race by jack.hallatt.5

    I started out playing random, precisely because I liked to play all the races. However, as you said, it's difficult to improve without a clear focus, so I picked zerg. After playing just as zerg, I found out that I ...
  • Fun decks are the best! in reply to Fun Hunter Deck Idea: Hey, Catch! by Tennyson1842

    Cool deck idea - I also like to play around with goofy ideas, but of course that means my ranking is terrible (around 16 and then best I ever had was 12, toward the end of the season when all ...