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  • You're right and normally he does in reply to by Osomo

    Usually whenever he had to cancel a daily, he did mention it on twitter and facebook. Perhaps this time it was just an oversight?As for the indicator in the upper right corner, there is normally a countdown to the next ...
  • upper right corner in reply to Distributing information by Osomo

    Sorry to hear that you missed the announcement in the last episode of Mostly Walking that Day[9] would be at Blizzcon and hence Mostly Walking would be cancelled on the 10th. When in doubt, it's probably best to check the ...
  • I don't understand in reply to Change the concept, finally by Pollux

    What is the positive change you were trying to affect? I like the Starcraft segments and I love Mostly Walking, so I don't even see the need to change anything. Please clarify what steps you would take to improve things.
  • Gold Protoss here in reply to Being More Aggresive and General Help by krisna.siv

    As Protoss I nowadays go for early air (sorry, kinda bad about timings, which is probably why I'm still in gold), because that oracle harass is pretty strong and forces your opponent at the very least to invest into some ...
  • Since this is for university... in reply to Internships as a Game-Developer/Programmer by Exirason

    From my own experience with university mandated internships, my advice is that once you have found a place to do the internship, to go to whoever is responsible for approving it at your university and have them confirm that this ...
  • Yeah, for sure! in reply to Totally man! by LordMatsu

    It would be great to see you sometime next year: the previous two meetups (probably the previous three, but I've only attended two) were good fun.
  • Just went on facebook to get the date (13th of December) in reply to Just going to bump this by LordMatsu

    Hi Michael,the original message still quotes the e-mail saying "book it for the 22nd". However, that was the message for the previous meeting on the 22nd of March 2014.I just looked at the facebook event and saw that the tentative ...
  • Seconded - Quill18's videos are great! in reply to Quill18 by conastatu

    I looked around for Unity3D tutorials on Youtube and from the ones I've found, I liked Quill18's videos the best. That enthusiasm while he's showing things, adds a lot and I prefer that over a dry description.As you said, he's ...
  • Kudos for the reminders in reply to FilterSC's episodes are great too! by Day9

    It's great that you relentlessly point out the positive, rather than harping on the negative. Unfortunately, I often catch myself doing the opposite, even though I strive to be better. Thanks for the reminder!Regarding FilterSC and Winter: I only heard ...
  • design =/= programming in reply to Game Design by luke.denny.73

    If I understand you correctly, you're asking two separate things."So, I know Sean does game design now and he majored in math, but how extensively do the two go together?"The question is how much synergy is there between a math ...
  • Oh wow. in reply to Always spread happiness! by manbon

    I don't even add people after matches anymore precisely to avoid the rage rant. Great to see that it can work out differently as well.
  • In my opinion, limited saves should be a thing of the past in reply to Setting your own difficulty rules. by Powermunt

    Just like certain mechanics in board games (player elimination) are rarely seen in modern games, so should limited saves be a thing of the past, in my opinion. The advantage of thrill can be created by constraints like hardcore mode ...
  • As I said, I can't find the clip anymore in reply to WAT by KevinAndersson

    Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but I remember that there used to be a video with Raynor voiced by someone else, before they went back to the original voice actor.The quality was so bad that it probably ...
  • I'm just glad they went with Robert Clotworthy for Raynor in reply to More pie by KevinAndersson

    I wonder whether that initial different voice actor for Raynor was just there as a big troll campaign (can't find the clip anymore). I'm glad that they went with Robert Clotworthy in the end.
  • I prefer Mostly Walking... in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    Don't get me wrong, Funday Monday used to be my favourite part of the Day[9] daily, but I enjoy Mostly Walking even more. A return of Funday Monday would be nice, but only if it isn't at the cost of ...
  • Better late than never: finished my MLG blog post in reply to Thanks! by Balgrin

    Hi there,so I finally wrote that blog post about MLG Anaheim 2014.Let me know what you think!All the best,Kai
  • Rollcall: Who is at Gamescom next week (14.Aug.2014 - 17.Aug.2014)?

    So in this thread Eliot "Balgrin" Miller mentioned that he'll be wearing his home made hearthstone pendant at Gamescom (I guess he was referring to Gamescom Cologne). This made me wonder, who else is going to be there? I will ...
  • I sorta cheated - read it a bit when it was live, then came back after in reply to Amazing responses by LordMatsu

    So I read a few things when it was live, like the "I have rent on autopay" response to the wrong thread, but then went to bed (time difference and all).When I woke up, I read the branches with Day[9]'s ...
  • I'd love to see Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis as well in reply to Game Suggestion by Velric

    I never completed the game, but heard that it's a lot better than the actual 4th Indiana Jones movie, so I'd love to see it :)
  • Good idea to examine the games first! in reply to Added to the list! by WHiT3R4bBiT

    My memory is notoriously bad - I do remember some scenes from loom and that I greatly enjoyed it, but I don't actually know whether it'd make for an interesting game for an audience. It's a good idea to examine ...