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  • Oh good point, never considered that. in reply to Priest by killan_mn

    Having that 5/5 stealth panther (Edit: or tiger, my memory is bad) in the deck and then increasing his health and playing that "attack = health" spell is indeed pretty nifty. Nice combo, I didn't even consider stealth for the ...
  • The permissions are indeed a tricky issue in reply to Thanks Day(9)! by victor.susavila

    Hi Victor,the legal uncertainty of doing let's play videos is something that annoys me. I wish all companies would make a clear statement against (Nintendo) or in favor of (Supergiant games) streaming let's play videos of their games, but I ...
  • TvT is one of the reasons I switched to Protoss in reply to I legitimately would rather just leave a game than play TvT by Superman007boom

    Hi Dave,I also didn't like the WoL marine tank viking positional game that seemed to happen in every TvT game. I'm not sure if it's still the case in HotS, but my dislike for the terran (and also the zerg) ...
  • Hearthstone in reply to My new youtube show "Gamesäge" by Kai.Herbertz

    Hi all, after sticking to boardgames for a while, I've finally managed to produce a computer game episode. In my 6th episode I'm taking a look at Hearthstone.
  • I haven't started, but did a test run on Thursday in reply to A simple noobie looking to begin streaming by Pummblebee

    Hi,I've only tested streaming a little bit and in my case the xsplit software suggested a low resolution due to my slow internet. However, somehow that resolution was also used in my recording to hard drive, which ruined the video. ...
  • color me green in reply to DayKnights Meetup W/Facebook by LordMatsu

    As I said before, I cannot attend this time, but hope you all are having an awesome time at the korean BBQ. If there is another meeting in summer 2014, I'll try to make it (I shall probably be in ...
  • Now that I've actually played the beta, here are my choices: in reply to Favorite and least favorite Hearthstone heroes by aspera

    Ranked in order of preferance: Mage - Having few guys and lots of spells is a refreshing change from how all the other heroes work. Also, I seem to have decent results with the mage, so that helps.
  • Meeting Patrick Rothfuss in reply to I have started a blog (as well) by Kai.Herbertz

    Hey everybody,last week I flew to London to attend the Patrick Rothfuss's signing and Q&A sessions in Oxford and London. It'd be awesome, if you could check out the blog entry I wrote about those events. Thanks in advance,all the ...
  • Arena doesn't have the card limit in reply to Hearthstone Card Limits by neocow

    From my test games so far, I've concluded that the 2 card limit is for custom decks, whereas the arena doesn't have that card limit. In one of those games, I had 4 copies of that hunter trap that deals ...
  • Is this new or did they roll it out to Europe earlier? in reply to Google+ and YouTube by Blartz

    After google bought youtube, I always got these "Hey, do you want to switch over to the awesome gmail log in system?" pop ups. I always clicked "no" until one day I couldn't log in with my account from 2006 ...
  • That's my favourite entry in reply to Journey Costume by amy.king.501

    There were many great costumes here, kudos to everyone who submitted.It's just a shame that 3 out of 10 forgot to include the Day[9] reference.In any case, from all the entries, I liked yours the best!
  • Yeah, same. Would have been awesome to go. in reply to I hope many people go :D by LordMatsu

    For a moment I actually considered going there, but as with the L.A. meeting on the 16th, I don't really have the time and money to fly in. Ah well, it'll work out some other time.
  • Here is my profile... in reply to NaNoWriMo Profiles by SteppeLively

    Here is my profile.As for NaNoWriMo itself, it is now questionable whether I will even beat the piddly 6k words I wrote last year in November: Friday and Saturday I had to work, so I did not manage to carve ...
  • Got a key as well, but couldn't try it yet. in reply to [HearthStone] Hear my Call ! by Eval

    I've received a key this week as well, but couldn't even install it yet due to my terrible internet connection. If there is still time, I'll install and play it this evening.
  • Haven't started yet :( in reply to Day 1 by bluedrop

    Today, even though it is a holiday, I have to write about 2k words for work. On the weekend there's stuff going on and I haven't A) finished last year's novel and B) outlined the new book. It looks like ...
  • Vaccines are like insurance policies in reply to Flu Season is coming by LordMatsu

    My policy both for insurance and vaccines is to get them for unlikely, but potentially catastrophic events.
  • As always, there are pros and cons in reply to Polish v. Release Date by SteppeLively

    Hi Stephanie, I don't mind patches that much, as they've been a reality for such a long time now. Then again, it is frustrating to see a game get rushed out the door, simply because the company needs the money ...
  • From what I remember: in reply to MTG Spellslingers! by GomJabbar

    I don't remember when and where Sean said it, so take this with a grain of salt as I cannot provide a link: I remember that he has already filmed the 6 spellslingers episodes, so there are three more to ...
  • Star Wars The Old Republic in reply to Games that let you pick sides! by EnderO_O

    It's an MMO, a genre which I normally don't like, but they gave you options in the missions, resulting in you accumulating either dark side or light side points. Normally I also just play the good side in those games ...
  • Oh, my bad. That reminds me... in reply to No man... diagonally!!! :D by bluedrop

    It's not going to be that either, but part of your description with 2D that looked 3D reminded me of Bombuzal just now. However, the main character was blue and not yellow and I don't think you could fall down ...