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  • PvP Void ray wall in.

    I have no Idea what I should have done this game.(silver league) He walled in with gateways and cannons really early and came out with mass void rays.
  • Double posting, but what the hell. in reply to Watched your games by Nox

    After watching episode 252, I tried my very best to break out of the 1 control group syndrome. it took 2 or 3 losses but I am managing to macro about as well as i was before while getting the ...
  • Thanks for the response! in reply to Watched your games by Nox

    I've been really trying to nail down the warpgate macro, It's not easy for me. Especially in games where I end up with 3-4 expansions, the money just builds up to fast for me to process what I need to ...
  • Bronze level Protoss, EU in reply to Count me in by UKWoody87

    I'd be happy to practise with youKnails 230 EU
  • My PvP needs work. in reply to , by Demon

    I've only been playing for a week but I'm sitting in the top 8 of my bronze division. I would love to practise some PvP Knails 230 EU
  • It's Been almost a week since I started, in reply to I just bought Starcraft 2, Where do I start. by KaptainKnails

    I feel that I have come a long way already. But I clearly have a lot to learn still.I was hoping that some kind soul wouldn't mind having a peek at a game or two of mine and picking out ...
  • I just bought Starcraft 2, Where do I start.

    So I just bought Starcraft yesterday. I'm a long time DotA player and I love playing games competitively, I wanted something different (mainly as something to play when my friends aren't available to play Dota).