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  • You pay to chat during the show. in reply to Show interuptions are too much. by CQBInstructor

    You pay to have access to the emoticons linked to the channel. That is what you paid for. Now, about your subscription. Hopefully, you subscribed because you want to support Sean, you like him and what he does (what ever ...
  • only AM. in reply to 3.14.15 on the horizon... by NateL1884

    because technically at PM, it will be 21:26:53 so not really 9 :P (yeah, that 24-hour system blows your thing!) Also, I'll be working that day... might only look at my job's pc clock and say "well, I'll never live ...
  • I'll be there! in reply to Nothing like staying up late.... by SteppeLively

    Don't know if I'll show my face tonight though; I look like a mess... been sick with a cold/flu since saturday and my nose looks nowhere near like one right now! XD
  • Damn... in reply to Early hours of Feb 10... by mirrageofhope

    So sorry to hear those news, Laura.... I really hope the best for your father and you have all my positive thoughts with you! <3
  • A fellow Québécois! in reply to MUSIC MUSIC by djnial

    Welcome!! :D
  • Yééé! in reply to GRAPHIX'S by Crussh

    A fellow Québécois ^__^
  • I don't like the tone of that... in reply to Change the concept, finally by Pollux

    not going to continue my thought more than what the title says, apart from saying Who are we to judge on one's way to handle time management? *raises an eyebrow*
  • I don't know! in reply to For wind ensemble? by Jess9000

    That's a really beautiful version you have found! I was delighted listening to it! :D But the version I tried to find, was the longer (longest?) version of an ensemble that sounded like in that video below (though the sound ...
  • I don't know if I'll be able to join you all this time in reply to Music Knight #4 by Jess9000

    But if I can't, let it be known that one of my classical favourites is this one (my contribution to your thread!) ! (And yes, I'm a big fan of the Sissi movies!)
  • He played in a chess club in reply to Is Day9 a Chess player? by AyaKamiki

    as stated here (video about Trying to be healthy, 17:05:
  • Same for me in reply to I agree by Andersioh

    I could have written that comment! :P
  • Nice! in reply to Please Sean/Bill watch the Best ending by Zubins

    Thanks for sharing! (wow, even the Red and White Queens and the Angels are there!!)
  • Well, the design isn't finished yet in reply to YESSSS!!!! by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I want to draw it myself and I basically know there will be a cat (no, really?! XD ) but I also want flowers, but I suck at drawing flowers, so I'll have to ask my drawing-gifted sis-in-law to draw ...
  • Nice tattoo! :) in reply to My Tattoo; morality and ethics of the Old Sith Empire by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    The spot for it is where I'd want one as well... someday! :)
  • OH YEAH!! :D in reply to Challenge Accepted by Day9

    Can't wait to see that! :D
  • Well well :) in reply to Event maker here by Jess9000

    You're event is already added! All you need to do, is message me on Google! Waiting for your message! :)
  • DayKnights Events Calendar

    Hey guys! I've been working on this for a couple of weeks now (in collaboration with Stephanie (SteppeLively)) and I've received her OK to show you what I've been up to!
  • Soe challenged him as well in reply to Day9 was called out to do the ALS Ice bucket challenge by Cobalt258

  • Such video was never made in reply to Day in the life of Day9 by tom.deasey

    but the whys... I don't really know them, but I can suppose it might have a link with the lack of time + him thinking twice of the stalkers among us who would try to find where he actually lived/lives....
  • That bump! in reply to DayKnights tattoo by flakjaket

    Searched for that picture this week, so I wanted to listen to the story related to it, as mentioned by OP, so here is the link if any of you wanted to listen to it again: