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  • No in reply to Funday Monday by seren

    Every one in the chat was asking about it and he mentioned, in the chat, not vocally, that he doesn't have time to do a funday monday next week since a funday monday needs about 6-7 hours of preparation. He ...
  • As far as I know in reply to What i next Funday Monday assignment by malthe.eisum

    There are no assignment for the next Funday Monday since he didn't know when he could do one after all his tournaments to cast. We don't even know right now when the next daily will be. Besides, he just came ...
  • No Problem! in reply to So funny! by Saucy

    I laugh every time I hear or think about that quote; though it could be the same for others! ^_^
  • I generally have a good memory in reply to You don't have to rush XD by LordMatsu

    for things like that, but that one, I'll have to search for it. I'll certainly find time to do so over the weekend ^_^
  • Well in reply to Super recent by LordMatsu

    if it's after 500, that gives me about what? 21 dailies to go through to find it? That's possible I guess... I should start now...
  • Actually in reply to Kitty by LordMatsu

    I remember he did, but not which episod it was... I can search for it though... Do you remember if it was between 400 and 500 or before 400?
  • "I don’t mind a banshee, that’s fine. Two banshees? I HATE you. [...]" in reply to Day9 Video Quotes by Saucy

  • lol in reply to Wow by SuperZanti

    that's ok man! ^^
  • Sorry! in reply to Okay... by SuperZanti

    I thought you would appreciate the story that was going with the part, but if you only want the line, here it is:
  • ahah! in reply to I Love you. by SuperZanti

    <3 My pleasure! ^_~
  • Here! in reply to Help me find a Day[9] video by SuperZanti

    You are making me re-watch the whole daily after I will have posted this! I was literally laughing to tears during the whole show! Not sure about the spoilers about gsl or dreamhack, but the other one, here it is!"aeris ...
  • Release the Angry Kitty in reply to Hunger Games @ Home Depot by sleepingmentat

    3 items : 1 crowbar Watch out! >:D
  • From summer 2011 in reply to Day[9] POV by Peregrinus

    Description:"Welcome to Endless Summer on, an online festival celebrating some of the hottest web series of the summer. This week we hang out with shoutcaster extraordinaire Sean Plott, AKA Day9, who tells us all about his journey becoming an ...
  • I suppose... in reply to Help I need, advice by PhDLightning

    that it would help people giving you advices on casting if they knew what games are going to be played at your tournament. ^^
  • Mondays' dailies in reply to Return of the Daily by Quakecomm

    When he has an event during the weekend, he usually don't have a daily on Monday nights because he gets back home during the day and doesn't have enough time to prepare the whole thing.
  • Terran love! in reply to Day[9] Daily #521 - LiquidSea funky PvT style! by Day9

    yeah! ^_^ ♥
  • That's what I was thinking about! in reply to are you sure you have enough time to do a daily tonight? by kangkyu

    lol ^_~
  • Thanks for the explanation! in reply to Here's a short explanation by Hailth

    I was about to ask the same as Riuna, but since she already did, Thanks to her for asking and Thanks to you for that explanation quite complete! ^_^
  • I agree with you! in reply to Ow yeah ! by Lineste

  • huh in reply to I'll hold off for now by Dav3

    do I really want to ask you what you're talking about? o.O