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  • This one! I got it! in reply to Nonono by LordMatsu

    You are talking about this quote!
  • His heart in reply to Day[9] Fright Week: Amnesia: Justine Day1 by Day9

    if you didn't hear it, your volume wasn't high enough!
  • title in reply to title by Day9

    yeah, there's some bug about the title; I change it but it keeps returning to "title"
  • title in reply to Favorite TV Shows by ntucker

    and maybe some more which I don't think of right now!
  • Shared on Twitter in reply to For Music Lovers by blissLove

    A list I've been keeping updated as much as possible:
  • Alternate between the 2 in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

    Instead of posting 2 times the same desktop with 2 different pictures (because alternating between the 2), I'll just post the links to the 2 pictures I use: I just love his smile on this one & this one, obviously, ...
  • They totally are! in reply to Storytime? by NiteWingZ

    And he's the best storyteller! :D
  • Scary Stories from your childhood? in reply to Day[9] Daily #519 - Kas vs Thorzain TvT play by Day9

    maybe? ^^
  • They will be back in reply to What happened to Funday Monday? by Albatross

    October was focusing on optimization mostly as in an Optober.
  • That... in reply to Yes! by topsecret221

    was an unexpected reply to my sweet teasing... I am embarrassed now because even though my English level is not bad anymore, I am certainly not comfortable enough to write stylish phrases in Shakespeares's language and therefore I feel terrible ...
  • Really? in reply to Nevermind... by topsecret221

    Did you want to start a thread? Non-sense posts? :P *I'm teasing you!*
  • Thank you! in reply to Deploying fix now by ntucker

    it works well now!
  • lol in reply to When the microwave goes DING! I respond! Grats!! by jesper.vonhedemann

    Thank you for mentioning that moment (d9d455, part 3, 18:24); just watched it and I now remember that moment (which I had forgotten!) and laughed! :)
  • Happy 3rd Year Anniversary! in reply to Day[9] Daily #518 - Daily 3rd year anniversary! by Day9

    I would have send you a homemade cake for the occasion, but it would have been ruined by its arrival in L.A.! So here is a little bit of celebration anyway! ^_~
  • Thank you Sean!

    I don't know why you started to do this blog around the time you did so, but since you started it, it started to move in my professional life, and I can assure you that your advices so far are ...
  • I tried to drop units... in reply to Day[9] Daily #508 - Funday Monday: Drop Crazy by Day9

    and it went so bad that even for a fail game, that would have been terrible!
  • Monobattles in reply to No monobattles? by alexgambrel12

    They happened the last 2 sundays: last week, it was Euro Monobattles. The week before, it was North American Monobattles.
  • Is it...? in reply to gaming book by hespio

    Play to Win - Becoming the Champion by David Sirlin ?
  • Sexy Radio Voice in reply to Drinking water by jesper.vonhedemann

    Happy to see that I wasn't the only one who laughed at that very moment! I said it in the youtube comments, but I'll say it here too... if one day you happen to start doing late-night radio, be sure ...
  • Nice!!! in reply to Day[9] Daily #503 - Day[9] plays 3 more ladder games! by Day9

    Analysis of games from others is a thing. Analysis of your own game is another one. I really appreciate that concept of you playing then reviewing your own game. We really get to see what's going through your mind when ...