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  • About: Gamer, Scientist and all round fun-monger; I love consistently learning while playing games for fun. You can check me out via my Twitch Stream
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  • Cursor lock for multimonitor in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Hyper Light Drifter by Day9

    Hey Sean, I speedrun this game and had problems with the mouse cursor not being confined on full screen. If you are using a controller today for the playthrough you wont have problems, but if you are using mouse and ...
  • <3 <3 in reply to Who's the best Cupcake of them all?! :D by Kitty4Cat

    Thanks so much Kitty!! I'm going to kick so much ass!! Can't believe I have just over 1 month to go before the run!! >.<
  • Awww thanks man in reply to MUFFIN HYPE by Trumpetmcool

    Thanks so much!! that means a ton to me <3 <3
  • I am running at Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ)

    Hey everyone, my screen name is Covert_Muffin,On July 7th 2016, I will be speedrunning Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy (JKA) at 3:46AM EST on Summer Games Done Quick.
  • nice in reply to What I would buy...? by Day_Cookie

    "Just Living expenses" ;) I would buy my life so I could follow my passion and not worry about monetary concerns hahaha Much Love, -CovertMuffin
  • Hay!! in reply to hi everyone by hwang

    Yeah sure man absolutely!! just have to catch you online with either myself or one of the officers of the clan what is your screen name? go ahead and join the chat channel: <9and that's a good place for us ...
  • Couple of Basic Tips for DeckBuilding in reply to So...I got around to it, eventually. Sort-of. by Irony

    Nice I like where that deck is going; there's lots of things I could point out about individual cards but I think I'll stick to giving some base pointers for deck building whenever I approach making a deck:
  • Thanks for the Thought! in reply to Questionable idea, but gl hf, I guess. by Kknewkles

    No worries! just did it successfully and had a great time!! Now time for long needed hibernation! -CovertM
  • CADWAH!!! in reply to Tickle Tickle by Cadwah

    Thank you so much!! <3
  • I AM ATTEMPTING A 24 Hour Stream Marathon!!

    Hey guys!! My SN in the community is CovertMuffin, and I have a twitch stream!! On Saturday the 22nd starting at 9am EST I am going to be making an attempt at playing video games for 24 hours without any ...
  • LUUUUKE!!!! in reply to You are a powerful Wizard. by Darth.Victory

    Thanks so much man!! <3 <3 Super stoked to continue to break the campaign :D -CovertM
  • YESSSS!!!! in reply to +10 to CovertMuffin! by Grimgor

    OMG I GOT 10 POINTS!!! YESSSS thank you so much man!! cant wait to do more :D -CovertM
  • I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!? in reply to Good stuff! by Psilent_Knight

    ISN'T THAT CRAZY?!?!?! My favorite is watching it and be like WOW I can move my mouse and split control a lot faster than it feels in game!! Copious amounts of thanks and love for the compliment and you are ...
  • Thank you so much!! in reply to Dude, we are all very proud of you! by Crysophylax

    Thanks man your words mean a lot to me!! I put in a lot of hard thought for planning every second of the run and it's amazing to see it pay off so quickly!! I am super excited to break ...
  • ooooooo in reply to Congrats Again by Lecta

    Thank you so much!! Can't wait to break some more times and hopefully for the single segment run as well!! ooooooooo okay I'll look into the link thanks!!
  • YESSSS in reply to Jeff!!! That is awesome! by Elyzium

    Thanks Lyz!! :D I'm going to try and train some stuff up tonight for my stream tonight to see if I can also speed run the 2nd and 3rd levels which are moderately difficult due to MAJOR randomness of what ...
  • SC2 Speedrunning!! Just set a WR on a Level!!

    Hey guys!! My Sn in day9tv if CovertMuffin; I've been on funday monday a bunch and graciously been a part of the best community online for a long time ^^ (love the dayKnights!!)
  • I can help set this up in reply to Are the DayKnights Feeling Festive? by cohLysion

    Hey My SN is CovertMuffin, We have been talking about having a huge streaming spree on August 1st because that is a birthday area for a bunch of my friends and viewers of Day9 in general from what I've heard. ...
  • Thank you!!!! in reply to You, sir, deserve all the cookies by SteppeLively

    Your kind words make me blush!! I appreciate the praise to extreme extents! Yeah I wanted a huge variety of things that required a lot of time to prepare for a very few select portions and then so i get ...
  • Yesssss!! in reply to Go forth and stream, young man! by 1opinionated

    Thank you for the kind words! hopefully the updated version is even more concise :) GOOD!! I hope they will be helpful, I've already put about 30 hours into the project so hopefully the series comes out well!