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  • About: I love Day9 and i see a increase in my skills in ranked that's why i always watch Day9. In game its Darkcaptain i am currently gold, see you out there ;)
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  • okay :P in reply to neither are cheese by printf

    well for me its cheese:P
  • Okay in reply to StarCraft Myths and Theories by fazzino.joe

    I really want to know which cheese is better 1 base 3 gate blink stalker all-in Or a simple 4 gate/ Minigun 4 gate vs Zerg ? i really wan to know i use blink all-in because i preserve all ...
  • Your ally did a nice troll ;P in reply to 1v2 Terran--defend or all-in? by Kilkakon

    Well this happen to me, I find that killing one of their players is better. Once this happen to me when i was resting from some 1v1 and well theres one main thing you should do KILL one of theirs! ...
  • bronze in reply to I am sick and tired of people trying to cheese out of bronze. by TJAyo

    well i got out of bronze by learning howto combat these cheeses and i got silver and it was a bit more macro but still some cheese
  • its kinda dumb isnt it? in reply to That's because he had a huge amount of uncertainty in his mmr by DaveSprite

    The game should realize that this guy isn't a silver because hes beating plats and diamonds and they should aleast give him Gold if hes winning 100% ( well 90 % some stream snipers are targeting him )
  • i didnt mind about the promotion much in reply to It's not really important by AquaMarine

    On EU yesterday i played 4 1v1s and i stomped everyone so easily and won all of them. Its the fact that i used myself and my league as a example and i just want to rank the regions on ...
  • Thanks for the info in reply to Korean. by DaveSprite

    the more i know ;D really koreans smurf alot on NA? wow can you give me a estimate how many are korean?
  • With the EU and NA thing in reply to Seconded by DaveSprite

    no it just got me thinking so is by default the European GM is better? i dont know like if all the no1 GMs fight each other who would win the korean EU or NA ???
  • 2 Questions

    okay i was wondering and people don't really tell me straight they answer with Korean silver > Master NA so first question 1 : Is NA easier than EU also would it be possible for a top 8 EU player ...
  • Starcraft battle-net email a address help?

    okay so i want to change the name of my email address not make a new email just change the name so it will be x.hotmai.co.uk to y.hotmail.co.uk but it will be basically the same account. So how will this ...
  • Great Idea in reply to Did Sean ever did this? by weeperr

    I'm terrible at brood war got it a couple weeks back and just finished the Terran campaign. Would be great to watch.
  • Thanks in reply to Plat terran here by DaveSprite

    I noticed my SCV production aswell thanks. Could you give me some tips as what to expect in a match up if someone goes double gass at X mark and so on as i found this bit incredibly helpful "You ...
  • Help a fellow Terran improve :D so i can hit PLAT

    well ima post replays but i just want to give a quick description. So i will post my TvZ 1 loss and 1 win. I learnt a bit from Apollo and im trying to get better can you guys give ...
  • Desrow in reply to Swarm-Host Nydus! by Moomintroll

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdC5viE0ZyA this is what happens sometimes ;D
  • I feel bad about a whole issue in my clan "i was in"

    leavt a clan now they really want me to join back after i already joined another help?
  • Happy Birthday in reply to Happy Birthday Wishes by olevam

    enjoy the food im having Pizza
  • memory in reply to Funday Monday (July 1st) by SirPhalanx

    i think i heard that its undecided and he will tell us later hmmmmm watch the sentry tickle fight part 3 the ending or somewhere round there and you should get it. Forgot to say he said no funday monday ...
  • Happy birthday in reply to Day[9] Story Time #1 - How I Almost Died by Day9

    In the UK we will celebrate for you <3
  • Flash is my favorite in reply to Day[9] Daily #600 - Flash TvZ games by Day9

    Yay Flash games also Sean i want to wish you a early HAPPY BIRTHDAY before anyone else :D This sounds great.
  • Ok ima go watch the replays in reply to [H] Terran, gold, help with getting past gold league by samovarul

    i am gold aswell and for now i can say banes always kill me aswell :D